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The Future Of The Internet:AND HOW TO STOP IT : 

The Future Of The Internet:AND HOW TO STOP IT By James Donner

What Is This Book About? : 

What Is This Book About? A book by Jonathan Zittrain It looks at the social and ethical issues associated with technological devices As well as posing questions over who controls the internet

Open System : 

Open System

Closed systems : 

Closed systems

Tethered Appliances : 

Tethered Appliances Items in control by the manufacturer Tivo box firmware updates Can gain or lose functionality Echostar Xbox interface It used to be “once a toaster, always a toaster” Unable to be changed by manufacturer” Now manufacturers can revise devices and increase functionality

Exploiting Technology : 

Exploiting Technology OnStar In car service running on an audio interface Used in GM vehicles throughout the USA The microphone could be used to spy on you and record conversations

Case Study- EchoStar : 

Case Study- EchoStar In 1998, Tivo was introduced A rival company, Echostar had infringed on their copyrights over DVR Tivo were awarded $90 million DVR was disabled on all Echostar boxes over the air

ITGS Social & Ethical Issues : 

ITGS Social & Ethical Issues

Privacy & Anonymity : 

Privacy & Anonymity Whatever we do on the internet will be stored There is no such thing as privacy Youtube cases Can effect us in real life Japanese video “Bus Uncle” Yelled at a person who told him to speak more quietly on his mobile phone Victim of a targeted attack Video of Bus incident viewed over 2 million times

Control : 

Control Who should have control over electrical devices? Should it be the consumer or the manufacturer Who should control the internet? The people? (Wikipedia) The government? (China) Corporations?

Security : 

Security Viruses Spread from PCs, Mobile phones, other open devices Viruses only grow daily Should we trust the manufacturer to make decisions for us? Or should the manufacturer trust us to make decisions for ourselves?

How To Stop It : 

How To Stop It

Some Ways we can prevent its’ future : 

Some Ways we can prevent its’ future Close or tighten it (Not a very good idea) Virtual Machines (Red & Green) Red for work, Green for play Scarcity (caps on broadband) People will browse less recklessly Wiki Codes (Collaboration) More people could share the responsbility of security Legal Blame On Product Maker (Software) Would make more secure software Legal Incentives Warnings (“This Site May Harm Your Computer”)

Strategies : 

Strategies Portability of data Eg: when a photo is taken and instantly published, we can still maintain ownership Net Neutrality Equal access to the internet, no restrictions Maintaining Privacy Changing Code Policies Anyone suspecting infringement must sue within a year of discovering code

To Conclude : 

To Conclude It’s not the internet itself Zittrain is worried about It’s the way it is headed The control The privacy The security Zittrain is calling for a change in the way the internet works.

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