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HOSPITAL FORMULARY 1 st M.Pharm Dept. of Pharmacy Practice

Definition:  :

Definition: Hospital Formulary is a continually revised compilation of pharmaceuticals including important ancillary information that reflects the current clinical judgement of the medical staff. Formulary system is method whereby the medical staff of an institution, working through the PTC, evaluates, appraises, and selects from among the numerous available drug entities & drug products those that considered most useful in patient care.

The need for Hospital Formulary:  :

The need for Hospital Formulary: The increasing no. of new drugs manufactured and marketed by drug companies Increasing complexity of untoward effects of modern potent drugs Newer sales promotion strategies of pharmaceutical industry. The public interest in getting possible health care at lowest possible cost.

Guidelines :

Guidelines A multidisciplinary PTC is appointed for organization of various hospital day to day activities. The formulary system shall be sponsored by the medical staff based upon the recommendations of the PTC. The medical staff should adopt the principles of the system to the needs of the particular institution. The PTC shall adopt written policies & procedures governing the formulary system.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Non proprietary names should be included in the formulary Limiting the number of drug entities and drug products routinely available from the pharmacy can produce substantial patient care and financial benefits. The formulary system is informed to the entire medical and nursing staff. The pharmacist shall be responsible for the specification as to the quality, & source of supply of all drugs, chemicals, biological & pharmaceutical preparations.

Pre requisites in developing a hospital formulary :

Pre requisites in developing a hospital formulary Establish a formulary committee Establish and secure agreement on content ,structure and format of the formulary Appointing an editor Reviewing the draft Revise and produce new editions

Preparation of Hospital Formulary :

Preparation of Hospital Formulary

1. Introductory information:

1. Introductory information Acknowledgement List of abbreviations Intended usage of the formulary manual

2. Basic information of the drug :

2. Basic information of the drug Generic name, dosage form, strength Indications Pharmacological action Precautions Side effects Dosage – form, frequency Instructions Drug interactions

3. Supplementary information on each drug :

3. Supplementary information on each drug Price Regulatory category Storage guidelines Patient counselling information Brand names

4. Prescribing and dispensing guidelines :

4. Prescribing and dispensing guidelines Principles of prescription writing Name and address of the patient Prescribed drug should be written in formulary terminology Strength of prescribed medication must be given in accepted metric system. Correct dispensing guidelines Prevention and reporting of ADRs

5. General drug use advice :

5. General drug use advice Use of IV additives Prescribing in special situations Poisoning and antidotes

6. Other components :

6. Other components Formulas for various diagnostic stains, diagnostic aids Table of common Lab-values Posological tables Index of the drugs included in the formulary Metric units Indexes(by generic name, brand name, therapeutic category)

7. The Format :

7. The Format Pharmacist decides the format before commencing work on printing and publishing in the hospital. He has to collect formularies of some leading hospitals as well as their format. Copies of finally published formulary may be sent to bodies like directorate general of health services, Govt of India, PCI etc.

8. Size :

8. Size It is sufficiently small in size so that it could be easily carried by clinicians, nurses etc, in the pockets of their uniform or lab coats. The hospitals may determine their own size of the formulary.

9. Type of format :

9. Type of format Loose leaf or Bound Printed or Mimeographed Indexing and Assigning categories

Types of formularies:

Types of formularies Open formularies Closed formularies

Reference: :

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