Spotsylvania School Board Meeting

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School Board Meeting EDCI 506 Shelley M. Hillberry

Monday, April 16, 2012 :

Monday, April 16, 2012 Budget Work Session, 5:30 P.M. Spotsylvania County School Board, Administrative Services, Board Room School Board Members William M Blaine , James A Meyer, Dawn Shelley, Ray J Lora, J Gilbert Seaux , Linda D Wieland, Amanda M Blalock Meet the members !


Chair Chairman - The duties of the Chairman shall be to preside at all meetings of the School Board, perform such other duties as may be prescribed by law or by action of the School Board, and sign all legal documents approved by the School Board.  The Chairman has a vote on all matters before the School Board which come to a vote, but does not have an additional vote as Chairman in case of a tie. Governance Policy Linda Wieland

Vice - Chairman:

Vice - Chairman The duties of the Vice-Chairman shall be to preside in the absence of the Chairman, and shall be empowered to act in all matters in case of the absence or inability of the Chairman to act or as provided by resolution of the School Board. Governance Policy James A. Meyer

PowerPoint Presentation:

Code of Ethics “Great Student Deserve Quality Schools”

Governing and Administering Public Education (Ornstein, Levine & Gutek, 2011):

Governing and Administering Public Education (Ornstein, Levine & Gutek , 2011 ) T he U.S. constitution does not explicitly reference education, so in order to fully fund education, states and local government take primary control of decision making. The Spotsylvania School Board’s Approved Budget for fiscal year 2013 is based on the Governor’s Proposed Budget and the County Administrator’s Recommended Budget. Connect to Concepts

PowerPoint Presentation:

No Public Hearing Scheduled Budget Amendments for FY12 FY 2013 Budget Development Process Revenue Update Health Insurance Update VRS Update Class Size Analysis Fund Budgets Next Steps Agenda

Budget Amendments for FY12 :

Budget Amendments for FY12 Approval of Budget Amendment #8 - Operating Budget -Food Service -Fleet Service - Increase in Budget Authority Approval of Budget Amendment #9 – Transportation category: compensation and fuel Action Items

Budget Amendment #9:

Budget Amendment #9 Transportation Category Budget Proposed Revised Budget Budget Adj. Compensation $5.8 M $6.3M $500,000 Fuel $2.0 M $2.1 M $100,000 Note: Increases in fuel/demand for additional services is creating the need for additional funding. Net amount needed - $400,000 . 9

Budget Amendment #9:

Budget Amendment #9 Fund Budget Proposed Revised Budget Budget Adjustment Operating $84.4 M $84.0M ($400,000) Note: Savings realized from hiring replacement employees at a lower pay scale and freezing positions starting December 2011. 10

Trend - State Revenues (IN MILLIONS):

Trend - State Revenues (IN MILLIONS) $127 $123 FY 2013 State Revenue Update

PowerPoint Presentation:

FY 2013 Local Revenue Update

Trend - federal Revenues (IN MILLIONS):

Trend - federal Revenues (IN MILLIONS) Estimate FY 2013 Federal Revenue Update

PowerPoint Presentation:

The General Assembly was scheduled to approve the State Budget on March 10; however, as of April 12 approval is still pending. Also , the governing body was initially scheduled to approve the County and School Budget on April 10; however, due to scheduling conflicts the revised approval date is April 17. FY 2013 Revenue Update The Spotsylvania School Board has been meeting to discuss the Budget and Amendments since March 2011.


References Spotsylvania county schools: School board agenda . (2012, April 16). Retrieved from vsba/ scs/Board.nsf/ Public Ornstein, A.C., Levine, D.U. & Gutek , G.L. (2011). Foundations of education. (11 Ed.), Belmont: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.

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