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Diversification :

Diversification "Diversity Management" is a strategy to promote the perception, acknowledgement and implementation of diversity in organisations and institutions.

arguments for creating a diverse workforce:

arguments for creating a diverse workforce ( i ) As the number of women, minorities etc. in the workforce increase, so will their influence as consumers. Hiring women, minorities, disabled, etc. will help the organizations to tap these niche markets (Mueller, 1998). (ii) As all the segments of society have stake in the development and prosperity of the society as a whole, the creation of diverse workforce should be seen as a social and moral imperative. (iii) Diversity enhances creativity and innovation and produces advantages. (iv) Diversity helps organizations for entering the international arena. (v) Diverse teams make it possible to enhance flexibility and rapid response to change

The Benefits of Diversity :

The Benefits of Diversity Diversity enhances creativity. Diversity generates adaptability. Diversity helps business organizations occupy market share in business competition Diversity can enable an organization to avoid involving into lawsuit.

The challenges of Diversity :

The challenges of Diversity Diversity causes communicational challenge. Diversity causes conflicts between employees Diversity makes employees to resist changing of their workplaces.

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