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Save a Tree 1 . Plant a tree and get air for free 2. If you cut a tree you cut your life 3. The tree is your friend 4. Feel free to plant a tree 5. Trees are the roots of all living 6. A tree that stay, keep flood away 7. Protect the trees 8. There is no life without Green 9. Fresh air from a tree let us be 10.Take care of the trees , they will take care of you


1 .       Be part of the solution, not of air pollution 2.       Earth loves you. Love it back. 3.       Join the revolution and stop the pollution 4.       Enjoy nature. Recycle. 5.       I have a dream and it´s Green 6.       Give our children a Green Future 7.       Nature is life. No nature no life. 8.       Forever Green 9.       Fresh air and clean water. Deserve it. 10.   We created pollution . We have a debt. 11.   Keep earth green not grey. Green Forever

Save Earth:

Save Earth Save the earth freeze you butt off Save the earth jump in the grand canyon Clean and Green Save Earth. We Have Nowhere Else To Go! He Who Plants a Tree Loves Others Beside Himself! There’s No Planet B Save the Earth or Die Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Nature Saves Us, We Have to Save Nature Do You Need to Print? Think….Before You Print Buy Local Save the earth have no children Keep Our Oceans Blue Keep Our Forests Green Eat Sleep Recycle Go Green Go Green for Life To Sit in the Shade, You Have to Save Paper First Don’t Waste Water Save Paper, Save Trees, Save the Planet Save the earth have no children

Save Water:

Save Water Water is Life Water is the basic of everything that lives, tread it like that. More water , more happiness. You are made of 90% water, would you tread yourself like Sh*** ? when there is no more water , then there is no more you ! Water is where the life comes from. You don´t need slogans for water you need slogans for life. A slogan on Water is a slogan on life. Save water save life. Saving water means saving the future of our planet. Don´t let your children blame you one day for leaving them without clean water.


Earth need YOUR help 2.       I am a mean, green recycling machine 3.       Save the planet, cause we have nowhere else to go to. 4.       Earth is not growing on trees 5.       Be mature and save nature 6.       Green is Inn 7.       It is the only earth we have 8.       Earth for president 9.       Join the green revolution 10.   What kind of earth do you want your children to live? 11.   Save what´s worth to be saved Living Green


Ped lagao, desh bachao. Paryavaran sanrakshan, jeevan hoga kal jal hai to kal hai ped lagao jeevan bachao ped ki raksha desh ki raksha jal se hi kal aur nahi aate.. Apne aspas swachhata barte hara bharat swachh bharat Jan-jan se yeh kehna hai,vriksha dhara ka gehna hai. Shuddha na ho agar vatavaran,manavta ka hoga maran. Jal hai to kal hai. Kate vriksha,ujadate van,de rahe pralay ko amantran. ped lagao,jeevan bachao es dhara ko swrg banao पेड़ों को मत काटो भाई ये करते हैं प्राकृतिक भरपाई ! कड़ी धूप है जलते पाँव होते पेड़ तो मिलते छाव !


Eating green , does not mean to eat organic food only. It means to eat responsible. How to Eat green Know what you buy. If you can, inform yourself about the origins and conditions the food comes from and is made. Buy vegetables and fruits seasonal. Food that is grown out of season does not have the vitamins it normally has and also it does not taste as well as it should. Green Food


Going green is a hot issue of recent times but very few people realizes that it is a responsibility of present g eneration. The environment in which we all are living will not support us for too long, so we have to think and care about it. Going green ideas provide a way that help s in preserving this planet. Going green is all about taking some precautionary measures and adapting few simple things in our daily lives in order to have a secure future.

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