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Business Plan: The Lemonade Chaska:

Business Plan: The Lemonade Chaska GROUP MEMBERS : Mitali Kushwaha Piyali Chakravarti Pravi Jain Pooja Chandwani Megha Rakhan

Description :

Description The name of our business plan ” The Lemonade Chaska ”. Portable lemonade let-out. Refresh people in hot summer days. Hygienic & homemade. Rs. 5 per glass. Net Profit -65%

Strategy and Target Customers:

Strategy and Target Customers Affordable Price 2 days operation of total 3-4 hours Tired people Petrol Pump

Our Experience & Knowledge:

Our Experience & Knowledge Valuable Suggestions (By IMS Professor) Judge people by their face. To find out who is willing to pay. Kept our egos in pocket. Did not forced anyone to buy.

Thank You!!:

Thank You!!

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