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At a Supermarket:

At a Supermarket


Bakery Bread, bagels, donuts, cakes, pies, pastries

Cash Register:

Cash Register Where you checkout and pay for your groceries.


Aisle A space for walking where the items are stores on shelves.


Cosmetics Lotion, powder, perfume, make-up, beauty supplies.


Deli Fresh meats, side dishes, pasta, and already prepared foods ready to be eaten.

Customer Service:

Customer Service Workers who assist you if you need to find a food item or return something.

Canned Food:

Canned Food Food sealed in a can that lasts for a long time.

Frozen Food:

Frozen Food Frozen meats, dinners, fish. Anything that needs to be thawed out.

Fresh Produce:

Fresh Produce Fresh fruits and vegetables.


Entrance Doors that you walk through to enter the supermarket.


Dental Toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, and mouthwash.


Spices Salt, pepper, curry. Any powdered or liquid substances used to flavor foods.

Chips/ Cookies/ Snacks:

Chips/ Cookies/ Snacks Aisle filled with junk food 


Dairy Aisle with milk, eggs, butter, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products.


Medicine Aspirin, cough syrup, first aid kits, products dealing with your health. (Similar to a pharmacy).

Hair Care:

Hair Care Shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, gel, blow-dryer, any hair products.

Cleaning Products:

Cleaning Products Cleansers, mops, brooms, detergent, garbage bags, sponges, toilet paper, q-tips, paper towels.

Soft Drinks:

Soft Drinks Cider, Cola, Juices, and other drink items.

Pasta/ Rice/ Sauce:

Pasta/ Rice/ Sauce Pasta/ Rice/Ramen/ Sauces and variety of packaged foods.

Baby Care:

Baby Care Diapers, baby wipes, baby lotion, Vaseline, bibs, and all other baby products.

Pet Food/ Supplies:

Pet Food/ Supplies Animal food, litter, toys, leashes, and all other pet supplies.

Magazines/ Stationary:

Magazines/ Stationary Magazines, newspapers, cards, envelopes, pens, pencils, stickers, markers and all other reading and stationary items for work and school.

“Where can I find the…..?”:

“ Where can I find the … ..? ” Ex : Q : Where can I find the tuna fish . A : You can find the tuna fish in the canned foods aisle. Q : Where can I find the shampoo & conditioner ?

“Where can I find the…..?”:

“ Where can I find the … ..? ” A : You can find the shampoo & conditioner in the hair care aisle. Q : Where can I find the hairspray and hair gel?

“Where can I find the…..?”:

“ Where can I find the … ..? ” A: You can find the hairspray and hair gel in the cosmetics aisle. Q: Where can I find the birthday cards & balloons ?

“Where can I find the…..?”:

“ Where can I find the … ..? ” A: You can find the birthday cards and balloons in the stationary aisle.

“The ______ is/are in the _______”:

“ The ______ is/are in the _______ ” Ex: The toothpaste is in the dental care aisle. Items: Mandu Cat litter Cider/ Cola Donuts Pork Chops

“The ______ is/are in the _______”:

“ The ______ is/are in the _______ ” Items: Aisle: Mandu Frozen Food Cat litter Pet Food/ Supplies Cider/ Cola Soft Drinks Donuts Bakery Pork Chops Fresh Meat

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