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Soymilk Instead of Cow Milk : 

Soymilk Instead of Cow Milk Laurin Castle

The Food Revolution : 

The Food Revolution By John Robbins Intolerances: Asians: 90-100 % Native Americans: 95 % Africans: 65-70 % Italians: 65-70 % Hispanics: 50-60 % Caucasians: 10 %

Genetically Engineered Growth Hormone : 

Genetically Engineered Growth Hormone Artificial hormones to produce more milk Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH) Banned in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Europe

Harmful Health : 

Harmful Health Cancer Bacterial infections Anemia Obesity Leukemia or AIDS virus Autoimmune diseases such as diabetes

Cancer : 

Cancer British Journal of Cancer: Study of 11 years 1422 individuals 2 glasses of cow milk / day= increased risk of lymphoma cancer 3.4 times.

Cow Milk and Diabetes : 

Cow Milk and Diabetes

The China Study : 

The China Study By T. Colin Campbell And Thomas M. Campbell

Soy vs Cow : 

Soy vs Cow Same calcium amount Without the hormones

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