Temperate Woodland and Shrub land

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are a woodland and shrub land the samething

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Temperate Woodland and Shrub land : 

Temperate Woodland and Shrub land By: Myles Parnell and Andrew Perez

Location : 

Location coasts of North and South America Areas around the Mediterranean Sea South Africa Australia

Climate : 

Climate hot dry summers cool, moist winters

Producers : 

Producers woody evergreen shrubs with small, leathery leaves fragrant, oily herbs that grow during winter and die in summer

Producer Adaptations : 

Producer Adaptations The Temperate Woodland has hot dry summers and cool, moist winters. Because these seasons are so different, many are not present year-round. There are many areas on the ground level that are thickly populated with shrubs, these areas are called chaparral. As result of the chaparral other plants in the area must find ways to obtain energy that is not hindered by the lack of space.

Consumers : 

Consumers Coyotes Foxes Bobcats mountain lions blacktailed deer Rabbits Squirrels California quails, warblers and other songbirds Lizards and snakes Butterflies

Consumer Adaptations : 

Consumer Adaptations

Commensalism : 


Parasitism : 


Competition : 


Mutualism : 


Biotic Features : 

Biotic Features Trees Grass Shrubs seeds

Abiotic Features : 

Abiotic Features periodic fires

Soil : 

Soil thin, nutrient-poor soils

Energy Pyramid : 

Energy Pyramid

Environmental : 


Human influence : 

Human influence

Food web : 

Food web

Eco-tour : 


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