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University of Salahaddin College of Engineering Electrical Engineering Department.:

University of Salahaddin College of Engineering Electrical Engineering Department. (Memo) Layout and Style (Zina Mzafar)

What is a memo?:

What is a memo? A memo or memorandum is a type of communication commonly used in businesses Memo's are sent to colleagues and co-workers They differ from letters as they are more informal and do not require a salutation or a closure statement as in Business Letters.

Purpose of a Memo:

Purpose of a Memo A memo is used as a written reminder or to convey a short proposal or some basic information. A memo format is generally short consisting of between one and four sentences.

Sample Memo Format:

Sample Memo Format TO:
SUBJECT: First Sentence: Reason for the memo Second Sentence - Main Body: Any Instructions or information Closing Sentence What is required of the reader e.g. Confirmation, answers or feedback

Memo content:

Memo content Times, dates and places to meet Reminders New basic information Requests for confirmation, information or feedback

Creating Memo using Microsoft Word:

Creating Memo using Microsoft Word

Real World Example:

Real World Example

(Thank you for Your Attention):

(Thank you for Your Attention)

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