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A Presentation by: Trinston L. Indie W. Aaron T. Carly M. “ The Kite Runner” The Characters The Themes of Amir: Narrator and Protagonist Self Flagellating Not Literally!!! (Metaphorically) - Blames himself America Afghanistan The Characters Hassan Hazara Servant and friend to Amir Courageous Extremely Loyal Submissive to Amir Tries to Frame Hassan of Robbery Baba would kick Hassan out of the household Hassan didn’t try to defend himself If Hassan defends himself, Baba would believe him and suspect Amir Theme 1 Highlights The idea of Submission Shown through how Amir constantly tests and teases Hassan. Talks Nonsense What a great story! A moron is a smart person. Hassan, you are a moron. =) Highlights the difference between the rich and the poor in society. Hassan, as a Hazara : Wouldn’t have gotten a proper education due to his social status. Amir, born into a rich family: Had Servants Could get a proper education Inevitable feeling of superiority This is also a cultural issue, between Hazara the Pashtun (Shia vs. Sunni Muslims. Leading on to: Theme 2 : Culture Strong focus in the story on Muslim culture Reiteration : Difference between the Sunni and Shia Muslims Theme 3 : Redemption Beginning of story Teasing Hassan Did not help Hassan during incident After incident, shrugs away Hassan due to Guilt Tries to get Hassan chucked out of household. Story’s Progression Reader’s Opinion Maturity in USA Halfway point of story, moving to USA Visiting Rahim, Rescuing Sohrab Bringing Sohrab back to America, end of story Shows that Amir has grown throughout “The Kite Runner” Grown Morally Regained sense of: Self Peace Self Worth In knowing that he redeemed himself Overcomes his childhood fear of Assef , and shows courage, something which his father accuses him of lacking. The End

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