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Welcome Back, Mr. Eleazarus Greenleaf :

Welcome Back, Mr. Eleazarus Greenleaf Physical Education 6 th -8 th Grade

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Procedures Rules Expectation Consequences Supplies Grading Policy

Classroom Procedures:

Classroom Procedures Boy/Girls dress out in assigned locker room Sit/stand in assigned area on gym floor Stretch Exercise Participate in physical activity Perform cool-down activity Dress back in

Classroom rules:

Classroom rules Respect yourself and others Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself No eating, drinking, or chewing gum Do not harass classmates or teacher Raise your hand to be acknowledged Stay seated until given permission Clean your area before exiting the classroom Stay seated until I dismiss you. We will dismiss by rows

Classroom expectations:

Classroom expectations Students are expected to work hard everyday - Students are expected to set their own goals and work towards those goals - Students are expected to adhere to the school wide rules as well as the classroom rules.

Classroom consequences:

Classroom consequences 1 st offense: Warning 2 nd offense: In-class punishment (moved to the back of the class, no uniform or no-homework pass or free-time) and parental contact 3 rd offense: Referral to the office and parental contact


supplies Black, purple, or gold shorts Black or white t-shirt Rubber sole shoes Wet wipes/Baby wipes Travel size deoderant

Grading Policy:

Grading Policy Each assignment is worth 100 points Grading scale: Dressing out ~ 10% Exercising ~ 40% Activity participation ~ 50%

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