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Underage Drinking : 

Underage Drinking Can anything be done about it? James Wilkins, Michael Desmone, Matthew Hernandez

What is the alcohol policy on campus? : 

What is the alcohol policy on campus? Western Connecticut State University’s alcohol policy is as follows: “The sale of alcoholic beverages and possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages shall be permitted on the campuses of the Connecticut State University in accordance with State Laws and Regulations and within the conditions established by the authorities of each campus. Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons under the legal drinking age is prohibited. Students of legal drinking age may bring alcohol into their room/apartment only if every member of the room is over the legal drinking age. Common source alcohol containers (such as, but not limited to, kegs, beer balls, punch bowls and wine boxes) are prohibited. The possession or consumption of Alcoholic beverages at any intercollegiate athletic event, sports or intramural/recreation sponsored athletic activity is expressly prohibited. It is never permitted to possess an open container of alcohol or consume alcohol in public areas in or around the residence halls. (including parking garages).

Facts about Underage drinking : 

Facts about Underage drinking Research shows that the brain continues to develop well beyond childhood and throughout the mid-20s. Underage drinking may affect short-term and long-term cognitive functioning, and may change the brain in ways that can lead to future alcohol dependence An estimated 25,000 lives have been saved by the 21 Minimum Legal Drinking Age (MLDA) Underage alcohol use kills 6 times more young people than all illegal drugs combined. Three teens are killed each day when they drink alcohol and drive. In 2003, 3,571 young drivers ages 16-20 died in motor vehicle crashes. Of these, 1,131 - approximately 32% - had been drinking, and 26% were legally drunk at the time of the crash A survey of college students in 2001 revealed that, for students under age 21, 26% drove after drinking alcohol, more than 10% drove after consuming more than five drinks, and almost a quarter rode with a high or drunk driver at least once in the 30 days before the survey. Anti-Underage Drinking Video -Brandon

The Results Of Underage Drinking : 

The Results Of Underage Drinking Many People do not know that underage alcohol use can lead to the following: Increases the risk of carrying out, or being a victim of, a physical or sexual assault. Can lead to death from alcohol poisoning. It can affect how well a young person judges risk and makes sound decisions, they are more likely to get in the car, or drive a car while under the influence. Play a role in risky sexual activity, this can increase the chances of teen pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, that causes the AIDS virus. Can harm the growing brain, especially when teens drink a lot. The brain develops from birth through the teen years and into the mid-20s.

Binge, and Heavy Alcohol Use among Full-Time College Students Aged 18 to 20, by Year: 2002-2005 : 

Binge, and Heavy Alcohol Use among Full-Time College Students Aged 18 to 20, by Year: 2002-2005 Source: SAMHSA, 2002-2005, NSDUHs

Binge, and Heavy Alcohol Use among Full-Time College Students Aged 18 to 20, by Gender: 2002-2005 : 

Binge, and Heavy Alcohol Use among Full-Time College Students Aged 18 to 20, by Gender: 2002-2005 Source: SAMHSA, 2002-2005, NSDUHs

What Anti-alcohol programs are offered on campus? : 

What Anti-alcohol programs are offered on campus? Choices CHOICES stands for Cultivating Healthy Opportunities In College Environments. They are the alcohol and substance abuse prevention program at WestConn. They provide resources, information and services that will help students make informed and responsible decisions about the use of alcohol and/or drugs. Collaborate with student organizations in planning exciting, alternative activities that promote healthy lifestyle choices and result in enjoyable experiences. Work with students to create positive changes on campus and eliminate underage and binge drinking. Other programs offered are Young Peoples Open Alcoholics Anonymous MeetingsSaturday at 11pm-1am, Alumni Hall, Midtown Campus, Sunday 8pm Warner Hall, Midtown Campus.

What Can Communities do? : 

What Can Communities do? Get Organized: Work on underage drinking as a community health and safety problem that everyone can solve together. Organize groups to change community thinking about underage alcohol use. Support the message that underage drinking is not okay. Work with sponsors of community events to help them send the message that underage drinking is not allowed. Share Knowledge: Get the word out about policies to prevent underage drinking. This includes age checks for people buying alcohol, including on the internet. Help people learn about the latest research on underage alcohol use. Include information about dangers of youth alcohol use for teens and others. An informed public is the key to ending underage drinking. Teach young people bout the dangers of underage alcohol use. Support programs that help teens already involved with drinking.

Interview with CHOICES : 

Interview with CHOICES We interviewed Sharon Guck, she is the CHOICES Coordinator. Her contact information is: Litchfield HallRoom 101181 White StreetDanbury, CT 06810Tel: 203-837-8898 Fax: 203-837-8539 Email CHOICES@wcsu.edu

Questions : 

Questions Would you say that underage drinking is a serious problem in this community? Does the fact that there is a college campus have any effect? ----- ? It’s not as bad as a lot of places but like anywhere it is seen a fair share. In college drinking comes with the territory and everybody knows that it is going on which is why many people do choose to drink on the campus because it seems to be the norm of the entire student body. Do you think that there would be less alcohol related accidents and deaths if the drinking age was changed to 18? ?No, because a fairly large number of those injured due to alcohol are under the age of 21 What types of activities are sponsored by the school to further prevent underage drinking? ? Choices Substance Abuse Prevention Program. It implements Social Norms Campaign (Norm 65). Also the school plans alcohol free events. Does the relationship with a family member with an alcohol problem have an affect on person’s likelihood to drink before the age of 21? How much so? ? Very much so. For one it makes alcohol more easily accessible for the kids, but the mentality that drinking makes you feel better and can solve certain problems is instilled in them. Alcoholism doe run in families but not in every case. How easy is it for a minor to obtain alcohol in today’s world? How can we limit the accessibility of serving of minors? It is very easy with fake the fake ids being used al the time. If they don’t have that thy an also get it from older siblings or steal it from parents. Only way to stop it is try and crack down on the people that have fake id’s, but a lot of stores don’t even care and just sell alcohol even if they believe the id is fake.

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