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Abstract seminor on Sending sms through block spot area in an innovative manner :

Abstract seminor on Sending sms through block spot area in an innovative manner Presented by K.Prashanthi (08141A0401) S.Umarani (08141A0426) V.Kalpana (08141A0450) Under the guidance of: Miss:HIMABINDU ( M.Tech ), Assistant professor, SRTIST,Nalgonda .

Previous existing system:

Previous existing system In our daily life we are observing many situations where the signal is not available to make calls or sending messages. Previous existing systems are applicable in only where the signal is present.

Sending sms through block spot area in an innovative manner:

Sending sms through block spot area in an innovative manner main aim of this project is to develop an embedded system to send a message from block spot area using GSM and ZIGBEE. Block spot is nothing but an area where we could not find any signal. Even in cities also sometimes we may not have signals inside the room. Through such area sending or calling is tedious. Here our project is useful to create a signal and sending SMS

Using technologies:

Using technologies In this work mainly we will use two different frequencies like GSM(1800MHz) and ZIGBEE(2.4GHz). by using these 2 wireless communications first we will create a signal in between zigbee and message will be sent through GSM.

Block diagram of source:

Block diagram of source Source: Microcontroller AT89S52 KEYPAD TO TYPE THE MESSAGE CRYSTAL RPS LCD ZIGBEE

Block diagram of destination:

Block diagram of destination Destination: microcontrollerAT89S52 CRYSTAL RPS ZIGBEE MAX232 GSM

System by using zigbee and gsm:

System by using zigbee and gsm In this project we are having 2 embedded developed boards, one contains ZIGBEE and keypad and the other contains ZIGBEE and GSM. The first board we will place at black spot area and the second board we will place in the signal area. Whenever we will type a message and press an enter button in the first board it will sends the information to the other zigbee board where a GSM is also arranged and the GSM will sends the message for the destination mobile The system uses a compact circuitry built around flash version of at89s52 microcontroller with a non-volatile memory capable of retaining the password data for over ten years. The user can modify the password. Programs are developed in embedded c. Isp is used to dump the code into the microcontroller.


Applications System is very useful in emergency situations where signal is not present



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