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Human brain is capable of processing instantaneously large amount of information An electrical data transmits from brain to computer Brain can be connected to internet , robot or to a bionic arm. INTERFACE BETWEEN BRAIN AND CHIP

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The computers translate brain activity Computer create the communication output using :- Custom decoding software Uses adaptive algorithms Pattern-matching techniques The algorithms are written in C, JAVA and MATLAB. Software interface


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LIMITATIONS Very expensive. Information transform rate - 20 bits/min. Difficulty in learning and adaptation. Algorithm used are not very strong.


FURTHER RESEARCHES A completely implantable wireless device making Brain Gate safer and less visible. Future developments of brain-chip implants. Within 10 years, it will be possible to "download” memory implants for skill enhancement. "Chipped” people will communicate with each other, using just their thoughts – from anywhere on Earth.


CONCLUSION According to the Cyber kinetics website, two patients have been implanted with the Brain Gate system. Using the system, called Brain Gate, the patient can :- read e-mail, play video games turn lights on or off change channels In early test sessions, the patient can carry on a conversation The results are spectacular and almost unbelievable. Brain Gate can help paralyzed people move

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In classification of EEG signal. In multimedia communication. In evaluation of:- Spike Detection Algorithms. Machine Learning Algorithm Actuated control of mobile robot by human EEG. As a brain controlled switch for asynchronous control. APPLICATION

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In Fox borough , a 25- year-old quadriplegic sits in a wheelchair In classification of EEG signal. In multimedia communication. As a brain controlled switch. APPLICATON

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