04 - Administering and Automating SharePoint

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Microsoft SharePoint Administration Metadata , Search & Workflow Version 1.0 – Author : Marc PYBOURDIN / Joffrey KERN Dernière Mise à Jour : 09/02/2012

Module objectives:

Module objectives Discovering metadata Implement Search service Workflow

Discovering metadata:

Discovering metadata Metadata , Search & Workflow

Metadata ?:

New in Sharepoint 2010 Based on « Tags » Used in List/Library Metadata ?

Metadata in Sharepoint:

Managed Metadata Service Specific Database Specific Application Pool Create in Central Administration Metadata in Sharepoint


Demonstration Create a Managed Metadata Service Active the service on the Web Application

Hierarchical Terms:

Hierarchical Terms


Demonstration Managed Metadata Service Create a Term Group Add some Terms Set Add some Terms

Terms in Sharepoint List:

To use Terms in Sharepoint List You have to add a « Managed Metadata » Column Terms in Sharepoint List


Demonstration Add a Managed Metadata column on an existing List

Metadata Navigation:

Metadata Navigation Metadata Navigation Metadata Filtering


Demonstration Implement Metadata navigation in existing list Implement Metadata filter in existing list

Search service:

Search service Metadata , Search & Workflow

Search Service:

Search Service Focused on Site content Users Files in drive

Search Service description:

Search Service description Search Service Application Many databases Two Application Pool Create in Central Administration


Demonstration Create the Search Service Application

How does it work ?:

How does it work ? Crawling Content source Full/ Incremental Crawl Content Source

Search to content:

Search to content A Crawling Content Source Retrieve Pages informations List/Library Items Metadata ( Filter with Tags)


Demonstration Start a Full Crawl Add a Basic Search Site Try it !

Search to users:

Search to users User Profile Service Allow end- users to search an AD Users Enterprise Search Site


Demonstration Create User Profile Service Application Add an Enterprise Search Site Start a Full Crawl


workflow Metadata , Search & Workflow

Workflow in Sharepoint:

Workflow in Sharepoint Use with Sharepoint List/Library Automate procedure on items On Item created On Item modified Start manually

Workflow Template:

Workflow Template Disposition Approval Three -State


Demonstration Configure Farm to use « Disposition Approval Workflow » Add a Disposition Approval Workflow on an existing List

Create a WorkFlow:

Create a WorkFlow Sharepoint Designer 2010 Complex Workflow Reusable


Demonstration Create a Workflow with Sharepoint Designer

Any questions? :

Any questions?

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