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Interpersonal Communication : 

Interpersonal Communication Lesson 7

Interpersonal Communication : 

Interpersonal Communication When we become aware of the presence of a second person, we automatically realize that he or she is also becoming aware of us. We know that our actions will influence the relationship and ultimately affect communication. We can classify interpersonal communication in two categories according to purpose; the relationship centered communication and the task oriented communication. Relationship centered communication focuses on two individuals’ feelings, thoughts, and perceptions of themselves and each other. Task-oriented communication aims primarily to achieve a goal.

Interpersonal Communication : 

Interpersonal Communication Many communications include elements of both types, but usually one is emphasized. For example, communication between two friends is generally relationship centered; on occasion, however, it will focus on a task (such as, when they collaborate in planning a party). Conversely, the relationship between two business partners is primarily task oriented, but on occasion their communication may focus on their relationship (for example, when they play golf together). Handout 10

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