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The Mechanics of Breathing


DIAPHRAGM Dome-shaped muscle attached to rib cage that contracts & flattens out during breathing

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Observe what happens to the diaphragm.

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PRESSURE force of air pressing down Less air particles- Low air pressure More air particles- High air pressure

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High to Low Pressure (Many to Less) How do you change the pressure?

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Air pressure (outside air) Air pressure (empty space) Air pressure (inside balloon

Breathing – The Lungs:

Breathing – The Lungs Breathing animation "nature hates a vacuum"

Breathing in - inhaling:

Breathing in - inhaling Rib cage expands Diaphragm moves downward Pressure reduces inside lung Result – air is drawn into the lungs

Breathing out - exhaling:

Breathing out - exhaling Rib cage contracts Diaphragm moves upward / inward Pressure increases inside lung Result – air is pushed out of the lung

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Breathing – The Lungs:

Breathing – The Lungs Breathing animation Write a paragraph explanation/ summary on how breathing works. Discuss the role of the ribcage and the diaphragm and how these creates a pressure difference so breathing can take place. "nature hates a vacuum"

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