Basic Words and Uses of Words

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Basic Words and Uses of Words:

Basic Words and Uses of Words

Basic Words:

Basic Words He  muMfy :- He is a boy. She :- She is a girl. They :- They are playing. It :- It is a chair. We :- We are playing. Our :- Our team won the match. Her :- Her name is sita. His :- His name is ram. What  :- What is your name? When  :- When you go to home?

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Where  :- Where is your home? There  :- Are you there? How  :- How are you? Who  :- Who is you father? Whom :- Whom do you like? My :- This is my pen. Me :- This work is done by me. Are :- They are boys. Is :- She is a girl. Why  :- Why are you late?

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Yesterday  :- I was sick yesterday . Today :- It is a cold today. Day after yesterday  :- I met my cousin day after yesterday. Tomorrow  :- I go to school tomorrow. Has/Have  :- I have a car. Will/Shall  :- I shall play match. Because  :- I did not go to school because I was sick. Up  :- The price of sugar is up again.

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Then  :- I had a drink then i went home. Can  :- Can you drive a car? Could  :- I could do it next week if you helped me. May  :- May I go madam. Might  :- you might help me. whose  :- Whose is this jacket? How Long  :- How long do you live in shimla? This  :- This is my home.

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