eng project vit to prof. anitha devi

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This presentation is submitted by Prashant Agarwal 11BEC0348 Surya Prakash Vasudev 11BEC0037 Shubham Thakur 11BEM0015 Anup Nayak 10BEC0356 Sagar Patnaik 10BME0099


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roboVITics Team:

roboVITics Team

Interactive session by senior members of robovitics:

Interactive session by senior members of robovitics

Tutorial session:

Tutorial session

Teamwork in action:

Teamwork in action


Organiser /coordinator

A event organised by robovitics:

A event organised by robovitics

Programmes organized by robovitics pic-1:

Programmes organized by robovitics pic-1

Bot prepared by a member:

Bot prepared by a member

graVIT’as 2011 event:

graVIT’as 2011 event

A participant bot in the event:

A participant bot in the event

PowerPoint Presentation:

the end

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