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My daily routine


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My Daily Activities:

My Daily Activities Alba Delmar C.I: 17.806.616 Sección: J-252

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I GET UP I TAKE A SHOWER GET DRESSED I GO TO WORK I HAVE LUNCH I GO TO UNIVERSITY Every Monday, i get up at 6:00am. Then i always go to the bathroom and i take a shower. After that i get dressed and go often to my work of teacher in the school at 8:00am. After that i go lunch at 12:00m, and i frecuently go to the university for my psychology class and language .

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I GO SHOPPING I GO TO APARTMENT DO HOMEWORK I GO TO DINNER WATCH TV GO TO THE BED After that i occasionally go shopping, I go to my apartment and do the homework at 6:00 pm. Then I sometimes go to dinner a sandwich with ham and cheese. Then i usually watch tv with my family and i always go to the bed to sleep at 10:00 pm.

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The end This is my daily routine. Thanks!

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