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how animal get their food


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An omnivore A carnivore An herbivore Really hungry 1 . At dinner, Claudia eats fried steak, with peas and mashed potatoes. Claudia is … Review: Choose the number of the correct answer.

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Omnivore Carnivore Herbivore 2. Leonard the Lion only eats fish. What is he?

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3. Daisy the cow only eats grass. What is she ? Vegetarian Herbivore Carnivore None of the above

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4. Marta the monkey only eats bananas. What is she? Vegetarian Herbivore Carnivore None of the above

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Drill : Match each animal with its classification according to its diet. Carnivore Omnivore Herbivore Whale Cow Seal Grasshopper Goldfish Pig Shark Duck Koala Bear Monkey House Dog

How Animals Get Their Food:

Grade V- Science Mrs. Rea D. Estiller How Animals Get Their Food

Solve the puzzle by giving the answer on the clue.:

Solve the puzzle by giving the answer on the clue. It’s a four letter word which is very important to every organism. The first letter is the 6 th letter in the English alphabet. It means yes in Filipino, is the next two letter. And the last clue is the ending letter of the END. WHAT’S THE WORD?

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Activity: How do animals get and eat their food?:

Activity: How do animals get and eat their food? Find out through the use of materials how animals get and eat their food. List them below using a table. Animals Ways of getting and eating their food Ex.1. dog Use their forepaws 2.


Discussion: How do snakes gets its prey? How do birds, insects and frog get and eat their prey.

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Animals get and eat their food in many ways. Some animals get their food by hunting small animals. Domesticated animal are fed by owners. Parasites live on the digested food from the host body. Other animals have tentacles around their mouths. These tentacles push food into the mouth. Many insects like butterflies and moths have a tubelike mouthpart called the proboscis with which they suck nectar from flowers. Mosquitoes suck plant juice also with their proboscis. Frogs have tongues that can move fast and catch insects.

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Some spiders spin webs Some birds catch their prey with their strong sharp claws. Small birds catch flying insects with their short bills Snakes swallow their prey whole. They have teeth that curve back toward the throat. They use their teeth to pull the prey back to the throat. Carabaos, cows, horses, sheep and giraffes have broad, flat molars. They use their molars to chew and mash plants.

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If you place a slice of raw meat on a plate outside your door, what animal do you think will eat it? Why?

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Evaluation: Match the animals in column A with how they get and eat their food in Column B. Write only the letter. Column A Column B 1.Snake A. sucking blood with their tiny tubes 2. Frog B. using beaks to get their prey 3. Birds C. coiling their bodies around their prey 4. Lion D. Catching insects with their sticky tongue 5. Mosquitoes E. Hunting their prey using their paws F. Using their tentacles

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Assignment: How do animals protect themselves from their enemies.

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