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A Project on Digital Speedometer:

A Project on Digital Speedometer Submitted By : - Nikhil Kadu Sachin Gabhane Ritesh Rewatkar

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This instrument displays the speed of the vehicle in kmph An opaque disc is mounted on the spindle attached to the front wheel of the vehicle. The disc has ten equidistant holes on its periphery On one side of the disc an infrared LED is fixed and on the opposite side of the disc, in line with the IR LED, a phototransistor is mounted. IC LM324 is wired as a comparator. Introduction

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Fig.: 2

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Fig.2 Let ‘N’ be the number of pulses in time ‘t’ seconds and numerically equal to the number of kilometers per hour (kmph). For a vehicle such as LML Vespa, with a wheel circumference of 1.38 meters, and number of pulses equal to 10 per revolution, we get the relationship: N pulses/ t = N kmph = Nx1000 / 3600x1.38 meters per second = Nx1000x10 / 3600x1.38  pulses per second

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ADVANTAGES It is easy to read and gives precise value. It gives the vital statistics of the bike operation . Digital ones produce more accurate and reliable readings. Digital speedometers display the speed measurement in numbers, which is a lot more readable than the clock-like display of analogue ones.

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