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Parable of Good Samaritan. Be a good samaritan everyday.


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Being a Good Samaritan Everyday

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Before the presentation starts here is a short video you can watch

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Instead of Asking: What will happen to me if I stop to help? Ask: What will happen to the other person if I do not stop to help?

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Who is our “Neighbor”? Who can we help? Less fortunate Sick Friends Family

Help Those who are Less Fortunate :

Help Those who are Less Fortunate The Good Samaritan helped the poor man laying on the side of the road. Today we can help the less fortunate by... Donating food, clothing, and other items to help support someone. Volunteer at local food drives

Help those who you don’t know:

Help those who you don’t know The good Samaritan helped the man who was on the side of the road even though he had n ever meet him. We can follow this example by… Donate blood because by giving a little you could change someone else's life. If you see someone in need, help them out.

Help Those Who are Sick and Injured :

Help Those W ho are Sick and Injured The good Samaritan helped the sick and injured man even thought no one else would. You could mimic his actions by… If someone has an injury get them help. Help care for the sick

Helping Friends and Family:

Helping Friends and Family God encourages us to help all… Comforting people when they lose loved ones If someone is struggling in a class you could offer to help them Be a friend when someone needs one And help your neighbors

So what have you done to make a difference?:

So what have you done to make a difference? “I helped a girl that was in third grade who did not know how to speak English and was physically disabled, it made me feel like I made a difference” - Emily 8 th grade “I helped with this shoebox project, we put toys in a shoebox and sent them over seas to people who needed them and It made me feel good to know I made someone happy” -Jessica 8 th grade “I help shovel my neighbors driveway because she is very old. I love helping her because she seems so happy to know that someone really cares” -Elisabeth 8 th grade

What can you do to make a difference?:

What can you do to make a difference?

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