Chapter 16

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Chapter 16:

Chapter 16 In Belgian Brussels

Bad News from home:

Bad News from home Letters from home which Rizal received in Brussels worried him. The Calamba agrarian trouble was getting worse The management of the D ominican hacienda continually raised the land rents until such time that Rizal’s father refused to pay his rent Other tenants, inspired by Don Francisco’s courage, also refused to pay the unreasonable rents

Presentiment of death:

Presentiment of death In his moment of despair Rizal had bad dreams during the nights in Brussels when he was always thingk8ing of his unhappy family in Calamba Morbid presentiment of early death was divulged by him to M.H. del Pilar , in a letter from Brussels dated June 11, 1890 ---Sad presentiment assault me though I do not give them entire credence. In my childhood I had a strange belief that I would not reach thirty years of age

Preparation to go home:

Preparation to go home After suffering which afflicted his family, Rizal planned to go home He could not stay in Brussels writing a book while his parents, relatives and friends in the distant Philippines were persecuted

Decision to Go to Madrid:

Decision to Go to Madrid Rizal ignored the dire warning of his friends. No threat of danger could change his plan however happened that suddenly made him change his mind but suddenly made him change his mind It was a letter from Paciano which related that they lost the case against the Dominicans in Manila He further informed Del Pilar that he was going to Madrid, in order to supervised the handling of t5he case

To my muse:

To my muse A pathetic poem of Rizal against a background anguish in Brussels, during those sad days when he was worried by family disaster

Romance with Petite Jacoby:

Romance with Petite Jacoby Two things brought some measure of cheer to the despondent Rizal, as he was preparing for his trip to Madrid. First was the summertime festival of Belgium, which was celebrated in carnival style, second was his romance with P etite J acoby, the pretty niece of his landladies.

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