Lewis & Clark

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A slideshow of Lewis and Clark's expedition.


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Lewis & Clark:

Lewis & Clark Kyle and Eric This presentation uses automatic transitions and timings. No user input (clicking or pressing the spacebar) is needed after this. Click to begin. Here

Which West?:

By Kyle DeBry Which West? Jefferson’s West Actual West

Oh, Canada:

Oh, Canada By Kyle DeBry

Why Should I Come?:

By Kyle DeBry Why Should I Come?

What is Distance?:

What is Distance? Myths Grids Reckoning By Kyle DeBry

What to Map?:

What to Map? Residential Zone By Kyle DeBry


Money By Kyle DeBry

Chinook Trade Network:

By Kyle DeBry Chinook Trade Network Otters Beads Mats Goats Horses Sheep Buffalo Items Traded

Trade With Women:

Trade With Women Lewis and Clark By Kyle DeBry Who came out on top?

Trade With Friends:

By Kyle DeBry Trade With Friends Try to Win VICTORY METER Generosity Lewis and Clark

Chinese Otters:

Chinese Otters By Kyle DeBry

PowerPoint Presentation:

EJS 12 Linnaean classification system

PowerPoint Presentation:

13 EJS Animal world

PowerPoint Presentation:

EJS 14 Bear hunter

PowerPoint Presentation:

EJS 15 Enlightenment rationalism

PowerPoint Presentation:

EJS 16 Northwest Passage West as a rough mirror image of the East

PowerPoint Presentation:

17 EJS Aaron Arrowsmith’s map

PowerPoint Presentation:

EJS 18 Commerce Thomas Jefferson

PowerPoint Presentation:

EJS 19 Part of Sitting Rabbit’s map

PowerPoint Presentation:

20 EJS Celestial Navigation

PowerPoint Presentation:

EJS 21 Clark’s Maps

Lewis & Clark:

Lewis & Clark Kyle and Eric The End Click to exit show. Here

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