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By Nada Jawahery, Licensed & Registered Dietitian:

Nutrition to Beautiful Skin By Nada Jawahery , Licensed & Registered Dietitian

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What You Eat Can Affect Your Skin

Nutrients for Better Looking Skin:

Nutrients for Better Looking Skin Vitamins C and E necessary antioxidants Help decrease damage caused by sun, pollution & smoke Prevent wrinkles Beneficial if taken internally or applied topically

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C Necessary for the formation of collagen to help your skin look young Oranges Pineapple Broccoli Mango

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E Vegetable oils Seeds Nuts Egg yolks

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A Helps maintain & repair tissue Prevents sun damage helps get rid of old skin- an exfoliator Prevents dryness

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A Liver Fish Dairy products Eggs Carrots


Biotin Deficiency of biotin is very rare but deficiency can lead to skin problems Egg yolks Soybeans Fish Whole grains


Selenium Protects against skin cancer Prevents sunburn Prevents cells from damage from free radicals like Vitamin E


Selenium Seafood Meat Whole grains


Zinc Fights free radicals Helps prevent acne important for the production & maintenance of both collagen and elastin reduces wrinkling and sagging Keeps your skin fresh looking – helps with rejuvenation & regeneration of new skin


Zinc Shellfish (especially oysters) Meat Poultry

Essential Fatty Acids:

Essential Fatty Acids Prevents dryness Prevents inflammation of acne Inflammation leads to the production of free radicals, which causes all cells to age faster

Essential fatty acids:

Essential fatty acids Olive oil Canola oil Peanut oil Walnuts Salmon Tuna

Lean protein :

Lean protein Vital for skin repair Prevents pre-mature aging

Whole grains:

Whole grains Refined carbs & sugar speed the skin’s aging process by : increasing the amount of free radicals released breaking down collagen Choose whole-grain alternatives, instead of refined carbohydrates, whenever possible.

Bottom line:

Bottom line For better skin aging appearance: Get plenty of antioxidant rich foods Eat a diet low in fats & sugars Be your own doctor

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