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OVER THE COUNTER EXCHANGE OF INDIA 3/6/2012 1 Prepared by: Amit Gupta


OTCEI The OTCEI is a completely computerized and special ringless stock exchange which is different from the traditional stock exchange and on which the buying and selling of securities is absolutely transparent and moves at a great speed. Its counters are spread all over the country where transactions are made with the help of telephone. 3/6/2012 2 Prepared by: Amit Gupta

Establishment of OTCEI : 

Establishment of OTCEI OTCEI was established u/s 25 of the Companies Act, 1956 in October, 1992. 3/6/2012 3 Prepared by: Amit Gupta

Promoters of OTCEI : 

Promoters of OTCEI UTI ICICI IDBI IFCI LIC GIC SBI Capital Market Limited Canbank Financial Services Limited 3/6/2012 4 Prepared by: Amit Gupta

Features/Nature of OTCEI : 

Features/Nature of OTCEI Ringless Trading Nation Network Exclusive list of Companies Fully Computerized Sponsorship Investor Registration Great Liquidity Transparency in Transactions Faster delivery and Payment Two ways of Public offer (DOS/IOS) Easy Access 3/6/2012 5 Prepared by: Amit Gupta

Trading Process : 

Trading Process Initial Allotment (CR) Buying in the secondary market Selling in the secondary market (CR/TD/SCS) 3/6/2012 6 Prepared by: Amit Gupta

Purposes of OTCEI : 

Purposes of OTCEI Liquidity Transparency Investor’s Grievances Quick Settlement Listing of Small Companies Access 3/6/2012 7 Prepared by: Amit Gupta

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