10 Herbal Medicines Approved by DOH

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10 Herbal Medicines Approved by DOH:

10 Herbal Medicines Approved by DOH

1. Akapulko (cassia alata):

1. Akapulko (cassia alata ) Also known as “ bayabas-bayabasan ” and “ringworm bush” in English, this herbal medicine is used to treat ringworms and skin fungal infections.

2. Ampalaya (momordica charantia) :

2. Ampalaya ( momordica charantia ) Known as “bitter-gourd” known as treatment of diabetes, for the non-insulin dependent patients.

3. Bawang (allium sativum):

3. Bawang ( allium sativum ) Popularly known as “garlic”, it mainly reduces cholesterol in the blood and helps control blood pressure.

4. Bayabas (psidium guajava):

4. Bayabas ( psidium guajava ) “guava” Primarily used as an antiseptic, to disinfect wounds. Also, it can be used as mouth wash to treat tooth decay and gum infection.

5. Lagundi (vitex negundo):

5. Lagundi ( vitex negundo ) “5-leaved chaste tree” It’s main use is for relief of coughs and asthma.

6. niyog-niyogan (quisqualis indica l.):

6. niyog-niyogan ( quisqualis indica l.) Is a vine known as “Chinese honey suckle”. Effective in elimination of intestinal worms particularly the Ascaris and Trichina.

7. Sambong (blumea balsamifera):

7. Sambong ( blumea balsamifera ) A diuretic that helps in the excretion of urinary stones.

8. Tsaang gubat (ehretia microphylla lam):

8. Tsaang gubat ( ehretia microphylla lam) Is effective in treating intestinal motility and also used as mouth wash since the leaves of this shrub has high fluoride content.

9. Ulasimang bato (peperomia pellucida):

9. Ulasimang bato ( peperomia pellucida ) “ Pansit-pansitan ”. It is effective in fighting arthritis and gout.

10. Yerba buena (clinopodium douglasii):

10. Yerba buena ( clinopodium douglasii ) Commonlt known as “peppermint” this vine is used as an analgesic to relieve body aches and pain.

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