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Economic Project-II Advertisement And Unhealthy Emotion By.:

Economic Project-II Advertisement And Unhealthy Emotion By. Name Roll No Pratibha Dubey 18 Chhaya Chaurasia 09 Vidya Gupta 22


INTRODUCTION Tugging on your heart strings: Is emotional advertising effective ? Emotional, confronting, tear-jerking advertisements may become a popular choice of Australian companies after the success of this UK ad for retailer John Lewis.


ADVANTAGE Campaign organizers who invest their fortunes in negative approaches do so with considerable research to support the merit of their spending. In a 1996 study, researchers concluded that "the informational benefits of negative political ads possess the capacity to promote political participation. Particularly among those otherwise least well equipped for political learning." Their testing found citizens who were aware of negative advertising were more likely to vote than those who didn't express recollection of such ads


DISADVANTAGE The jury system is a reflection of the Framers' hopes in the Constitution. The theory of an active and concerned citizenry is a compelling one and it is very logical that such awareness would be what the Framers envisioned to assist in the determination of guilt of accused individuals . The theory might have some challenges in its practice, to which previous posts have alluded.  Yet, the theoretical hopes of the Framers cannot be overlooked in seeing the potential positives of a jury system, despite how the reality might sometimes dissipate such hopes .

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The fallibility of human beings as jurors, is probably the biggest disadvantage to the jury trial. Especially troubling to me as an educator is to consider the proliferation of grade inflation and the number of students. We are sending out into the world who think they are really, really smart because they've never gotten anything but A's; it's easier to give students A's.  It keeps "helicopter parents" at bay, and students tend to like these teachers better.

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The idea of having someone sitting on a jury who thinks of him or herself as really, really smart, when in fact he or she really, really isn't does not inspire confidence in the judicial process as our Framers intended it to work And we are sending a lot of really, really not-so-smart kids out into the world, thinking of themselves as geniuses.


ETHICAL Advertising constitutes a vital stream among the marketing functions of a business; it being a major driver of the firm‟s integrated promotions for pushing sales in today‟s highly competitive business environment . Sales and especially advertising are two areas which are directly connected to the external network of a firm. While most companies revere the pursuit of their businesses on a regular moral understanding,

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there are some firms which continue to follow both good and bad business practices . The issue of ethics in advertising bears great concern to all firms engaged in business worldwide, and to consumers likewise.


NONETHICAL In our day to day lives, we always face situations were we have to take decisions, and decide what is right and wrong. We are always faced with the debate of what is moral or immoral,ethical or unethical and according to the perception of each individual, the right decision from their point of view is made. The proper definition of “Morals”; are the beliefs that people hold against what is considered right or wrong. Morals direct people as they make decisions in their personal and professional lives. Another term that always accompanies Morals is Ethics; these are the principles that serve as guidelines for both individuals and organizations. They help create boundaries regarding what is acceptable and what is not, since these behaviors are related to moral feelings about right and wrong .


Conclusions Food advertisers appear to use advertising appeals that are consistent with consumers’ true motivations in food choices, focusing on taste and emotion .

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