Fiat 124 AC 2012m

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Fiat 124 AC 1969:

Fiat 124 AC 1969 B y Peter Vanco 2012

Designed by Boano:

Designed by Boano

Engine by Lampredi:

Engine by Lampredi

Coupe interior:

Coupe interior

Interior before:

Interior before



Complex noise reduction:

Complex noise reduction

Trunk before:

Trunk before

Trunk after:

Trunk after

Wooden panel:

Wooden panel

Wooden panel and new radio:

Wooden panel and new radio

Current state:

Current state

Engine by Lampredi:

Engine by Lampredi

Engine before:

Engine before



New Weber 34 DMS:

New Weber 34 DMS

Fuel backup system:

Fuel backup system

Head rebuild:

Head rebuild

Current state:

Current state



New shocks Koni:

New shocks Koni

Restoring brakes:

Restoring brakes

fixing calipers,master cylinder,hoses:

fixing calipers,master cylinder,hoses

Designed by Mario Boano:

Designed by Mario Boano

Mario Boano:

Mario Boano

Ferrari 250 California by Boano:

Ferrari 250 California by Boano



Without bumpers:

Without bumpers

Rear :


Fog lights:

Fog lights

PowerPoint Presentation:

Meeting with older friends

PowerPoint Presentation:

No bumpers and old mirrors

PowerPoint Presentation:

Bumpers and fog lights

Current state:

Current state

Goal is to prepare cruise car to go Mille Miglia:

Goal is to prepare cruise car to go Mille Miglia chassis all redone backup fuel systems added voltmeter complete noise reduction rebuild engine fog lamps

Special thanks to: :

Special thanks to: Ami Juric Durki Martin Mume Palo Otto Palo Jindra

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