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How to make medical presentations Dr. kamal murdia MBBS, MS, MCh, MBACS Plastic –cosmetic surgeon

History of speaking Aristotle 3 rd century:

History of speaking Aristotle 3 rd century 4500 years back was known in Egypt Aristotle (Greek) started this art He wrote a book called ‘Rhetoric’ Talk, speech, eloquence, orator, Debate, dialogue Cicero /Churchill/Disraeli/ Kennedy/ Mark Anthony


A presentation is form of communication with audience, usually with some visual aid A mature presentation is a combination of many things.. subject knowledge, communication- presentation skills, personality, venue aesthetics, voice games, dramatization, aura, charisma, showmanship etc etc.. Mature medical presentations

Fear of speaking no. 1 fear (as per research):

Fear of speaking no. 1 fear (as per research) Fear of flying 18% Fear of death 19% Deep water 22%/Cockroach 24% Fear of height 32% Fear of speaking to a group 41%

Biggest surprise:

Biggest surprise In a presentation verbal factor is only 10 %, the remaining 90% includes non verbal factors Non verbal factors

You are the director make a strategy to create max. impact:

You are the director make a strategy to create max. impact 10 mt /20 mt strategy 30 mt strategy/60 mts or more Presentation should achieve its aim Aim could to educate, inform, sell, discuss agenda, entertain, persuade, motivate, get action, discipline etc. Use common sense in planning

Value of visual presentations:

Value of visual presentations 1 picture is worth 10 thousand words (Audience has to exert less) One picture saves 10 thousand words (speaker has to exert less)

5 Important components :

5 Important components Eye contact Voice projection Variety in delivery Clarity of message Enthusiasm

It’s All About You:

It’s All About You Slides are not the presentation: You are! Don’t read the slides Put your self forward Maintain Eye Contact Face the audience Speak clearly

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Hearing Vs Listening Hearing – Physical , natural, passive Listening – Phy sical and mental process, active, learned process, a skill Listening is hard. We must choose to participate in the process of listening.

PowerPoint Presentation:

ESSENTIALS OF COMMUNICATION DON’Ts Do not instantly react and mutter something in anger. Do not use technical terms & terminologies Do not speak too fast or too slow. Do not speak in inaudible surroundings, as you won’t be heard. Do not assume that every body understands you. While listening do not glance here and there as it might distract the speaker Do not jump to the conclusion that you have understood every thing.

Good preparation is important:

Good preparation is important

what did King henry say to his many wives?:

what did King henry say to his many wives? King henry said this “ I wont keep you long ”. # Put a silent alarm in your pocket Respect the time limit of the show

no paper-no crutches:

no paper-no crutches Don’t carry paper- other crutches Look at the audience, try to present in full view Don’t hide behind chair, podium etc Avoid sitting and giving presentation as it limits your voice throw, gestures etc.

What the Presentation must do to the audience?:

What the Presentation must do to the audience? Visual impact or scandal Auditory impact or scandal Mental impact or scandal Emotional appeal Fresh breeze- wow Audience should feel time well spent.

10 deadly mistakes:

10 deadly mistakes No audience rapport Lack of preparation Useless movements Monotonous voice No order No style No opening Bad use of technology No closing Lot of statistics

Understand and Control Your Material:

Understand and Control Your Material Determine what you want to teach Gather your material Organize your material Develop an outline Develop a lesson plan

How to dress:

How to dress You should look your part Dress according to occasion Dress one step ahead of audience Darker suits convey seriousness Pocket should be empty You are your own advertisement.

What About You?:

What About You? Dress appropriately Project substance and style Have a good time -Face expression, tone of voice, smile-says I’m happy Focus on the entire audience Make certain everyone is having a fun time learning, including you!

The Content:

The Content Title : Short and ‘attention Introduction : [20% of time] Set the scene & state the main message Answer questions like "What does it do?" "What is it for?“ Try using a picture, quote or key question. Body of presentation : [60% of time] Select small, relevant parts Describe each part of your topic. Focus on what is most important to the audience.. Conclusion : [20% of time] A memorable summary!!! . grabbing’

The presentation story:

The presentation story Introduction of speaker or topic by host Speakers and his story- presentation - Opening -20% Content (main )-60% Closing- 60% Vote of thanks by host

Opening is like soup :

Opening is like soup story Quotation Significant/interesting statement Compliment Occasion Opening should create favorable attention- interest- excitement

First impression:

First impression Your opening & Presence – Poise – Posture starts an affair with first… We don’t get a second chance to make first good impression Within 2 minutes the audience makes an initial impression about the speaker

Four course meal:

Four course meal Your presentation should be educative - entertaining - exciting Informative - interesting Substance -style Head - heart It should be like a well made movie or a four course meal or a good story

You and your presentation are inseparable:

You and your presentation are inseparable Are U imp . In the show… Yes but audience more important as they decide the outcome. Authority with responsibility. . Audience time and patience should be honored Rapport with audience prime

Check venue arrangements:

Check venue arrangements Common sense Is the temp of room comfortable Is their any noisy appliance e.g. AC Is the sound audible everywhere Is the microphone making errr, grrr.. can the audience see the speaker-or the projections.

Microphone adjustment:

Microphone adjustment Microphone is the most imp link Keep it close to your mouth Microphone shouldn’t obstruct the face Speak in slightly louder tone More than 20 people - use microphone If choice- prefer to use microphone

Good preparation is important:

Good preparation is important

Television presentations:

Television presentations Don’t be too over awed Imagine these are routine for you. Speak as in normal conversation Look towards the camera, only when you wish to say something to the audience Camera always puts 10 pound more wt.

Audience body language:

Audience body language Eyes pinned towards the speaker Audience sits with neck flexed/extended Whisper-noise in room People to- fro movements Laugh with the speaker on his jokes Ask question-take interest

The toxic speaker:

The toxic speaker Nothing is more cruel than a toxic speaker, The speaker should cut short if audience is showing.. Thank you signs God save from toxic speakers speaker should know when to shut up..

The power of pause:

The power of pause The art of pause is hallmark of a mature speaker Pause imp. to give audience breaks for clapping, thinking, emphasis. breathing space for the speaker The more immature a speaker the faster he speaks, as if his house is on fire

Ending a presentation :

Ending a presentation Finish strongly Finish at rt. Moment DSIM punch (dominant self interest motive) or knock out punch Desert after a meal Any fool can go to sea.. but only a columbus can end it

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