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Sebastian Haffner put it: "His life lacked everything that lends weight, warmth and dignity to a human life: education, occupation, love and friendship, marriage, parenthood. Apart from politics his was an empty life.

Alios Hitler:

Alios Hitler 7-June-1837 Maria Anna Schickelgruber Johann Georg Hiedler 1842 Johann Nepomuk Hiedler 1875 1877 Heeidler

Adolf Hitler :

Adolf Hitler He was born in 1889 Dreamed of being an artist Left school at 16 At 18, went to Vienna to make his living Failed to gain admission to Vienna Academy of Fine Arts Next 5 years lived on charity

Adolf Hitler:

Adolf Hitler

Honours in WW I:

Honours in WW I Hitler served a corporal in the German army Hitler was honoured for his bravery German surrender brought him pain He cried!

Political Career:

Political Career In 1920 he joined the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP), better known as the Nazi Party Hitler's political propaganda and promotions gave him mass support He was especially with the urban bourgeoisie In 1921, Hitler became the Party Chairman

Years of Misery :

Years of Misery Hitler developed a deep hatred for the Communists and the Jews

Rise in reputation:

Rise in reputation Re-organised the NSDAP National Socialist German Workers' Party Nazi used moderate means to gain political support Held meetings, rallies, marches Used books, the newspapers, radio to spread their ideas (p. 106)

Increasing popularity :

Increasing popularity In 1932, Hitler stood for presidential elections He came in second only to Hindenburg In the Reichstag elections of same year, Nazis increased their vote to 37% of votes cast They obtained 230 seats Became the biggest single party in the Reichstag

1933 Elections:

1933 Elections The Nazis now had 233 seats But that was still not an overall majority To make changes to Constitution, Hitler needed a two-thirds majority So the Nazis joined up with the Nationalists who secured 53 seats With 286 out of 500 seats, Hitler had gained control of Germany at last

Hitler Restored Hope :

Hitler Restored Hope The Germans are a superior race destined to rule the World: "In ourselves alone lies the future of the German people Himsel An extensive highway system (the autobahn) Extension of the Navy and Air Force An increase in the size of the army to 500,000 Compulsory service in the Labor Corp (which reduced unemployment f as the savior of Germany

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Over 7 million Germans lost their lives during World War II: 3,250,000 military casualties, 3,810,000 civilian casualties. Hitler was largely responsible for the 56 million lives lost by all nations during World War II The Holocaust: 6 million Jews (2/3 of the Jewish population of Europe) lost their lives.

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