Water saving in Queensland

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Water Saving in Queensland:

Water Saving in Queensland By Ash M

Water Saving in the Gold Coast Hotels:

In all the hotels we went in there were water saving tips at all the taps The hotels all had pools though, so that was a waste of water especially when the beach is just across the road The place we stayed at had water saving shower heads as well Water Saving in the Gold Coast Hotels

Sea World:

At Sea World there were many rides that went down without any people in the seats and water went everywhere There is also lots of water wasted on many rides Sea World

Australia Zoo:

Australia Zoo had lots of water exhibits where I think lots of water would be wasted e.g. The Crocoseum and all the crocodile exhibits Australia Zoo

Dream World:

There is only two rides that waste water but one is mainly a river! Overall Dream World is definitely water wise Dream World

The Dams :

In Kilcoy [ near my Uncle Wayne and Aunty Linda's ] there are two dams. The Council is keeping the dams from going over 90% full even though they could be at 100% or higher. The Dams

The Brisbane River :

One night we went to a fancy restaurant called Oxley's on the river. This river is like the Yarra River in Melbourne. It was curvy but now its straight because people made the river adapt to them. The Brisbane River

Quiz rules:

Teams of 4 no more Each team must create a buzzer sound and a team name and choose a captain The first buzzer sound gets the points First place gets a prize Now for the Quiz... Next I want you to write 5 questions from my PowerPoint. Then ask someone else to see if they get the right answer! Quiz rules

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