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Performance Management using Assessments

Performance Management Needs :

Performance Management Needs Identification of star performers To identify high potential employees/star performers from various managerial levels in order to groom them for leadership positions in the future To incorporate an assessment process which is scientific, standardized and fair so as to demonstrate credibility of the process and gain confidence of all related stakeholders Leadership development To identify the strengths and weaknesses of key employees and to identify their development needs so as to plan and implement focused developmental initiatives To develop a robust and sustainable leadership pipeline, so as to enable the organization to effectively pursue and achieve its business objectives

Talent Management --- Benefits of the Ma Foi CAT module:

Talent Management --- Benefits of the Ma Foi CAT module Person-Job Fit Know the “percent match” and access narrative descriptions of personality-based similarities and differences between the job profile and the test taker. Person-Job Fit Matrix Evaluate assessment results compared to multiple job profiles at your organization using “percent match” to make post-hire assignments as well as placement decisions with current employees. Client-Specific Competencies Identify specific competency strengths and limitations that can be used as a starting point for training needs identification and development at your company. Talent Potential Identify current and future star performers through commonly desired talents such as sales potential, leadership potential, and creative potential. Leadership Style Get to know your future leaders so you can make better placement decisions, ensure that their style matches an assignment or team, and provide them with an awareness of how their style will be perceived by others. Big 5 Narrative Detail Gain deeper insights into an employee's expected behaviors, motivators, and interpersonal style through interpretive information that describes the employee's tendencies along the Big 5 Global Factors.

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Assessment Service Offerings ::

Assessment Service Offerings : Psychometric Testing through world renowned tools and international alliances Counseling / Coaching / Feedback assignments Assessment & Development Centers Competency Mapping In House/Public orientation and certification programs in 16PF. Job Profiling and Person-Job fitment Study Team Building Assignments/Leadership Development Workshops Organization Climate Study Behavioral Interviewing Skills Workshop Competency based Interviewing Skills Assignment 360 Degree Competency based Assessment and Feedback Competency Assessment Technique – CAT module ** new

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From IPAT stable 16 Personality Factors (PF) Test Developed by Dr. Raymond Cattel in 1949 Owned by IPAT (Institute of Personality & Ability Testing) in the US & OPP in UK Translated into more than 40 languages world-wide 6 different reports of the same person can be generated High Reliability & Validity Reliability Index of 0.85 Established validity Indices 5 th and Latest Edition represented solely by Ma Foi in India

Wide variety of Testing tools:

Wide variety of Testing tools PSL Range of Tools: Personality Assessment Tools Occupational Personality Inventory (OPI) Rapid Personality Questionnaire (RPQ) Function Based Personality Assessment Customer Service Questionnaire (CS7) Advanced Sales Questionnaire (ASQ) Others Motivation Questionnaire (MQ) Infinity Series

EBILITIES – GMA - Measuring General Mental Ability:

EBILITIES – GMA - Measuring General Mental Ability The GMA test is a self-administered, timed test that uses abstract designs, shapes, and colors to help measure general ability. The GMA IQ score helps estimate an individual's general intellectual ability and the 5 subtest scores provide additional information about the individual's performance. Self-administered, 15-25 minute, different timed test for different levels. Administered individually or with groups. Highly correlated with other intelligence measures, the GMA test helps provide convenience without sacrificing quality. The nonverbal format helps overcome language, cultural and educational barriers, making it useful with diverse populations. Requires less training for administrators than many other general abilities tests.

Other Tests cont …..:

Other Tests cont ….. MBTI Firo-B Belbin Team Analysis Emotional Intelligence Test Executive Profile Survey Comprehensive Abilities Battery – Series of Aptitude tests Creativity and Strategic Innovation test modules

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360 Degree Assessments

The 360 Feedback Concept :

The 360 Feedback Concept

The 360 Degree Feedback Process :

The 360 Degree Feedback Process

Advantages of:

Advantages of To the individual: Helps individuals to understand how others perceive them. Uncover blind spots Quantifiable data on soft skills To the team: Increases communication Higher levels of trust Better team environment Supports teamwork Increased team effectiveness To the organization: Reinforced corporate culture by linking survey items to organizational leadership competencies and company values Better career development for employees Promote from within Improves customer service by involving them Conduct relevant training

360 Deg. Competency Assessment -- Ma Foi Leadership Benchmark:

360 Deg. Competency Assessment -- Ma Foi Leadership Benchmark Assessing existing and aspiring managers on their Leadership qualities Features: By implementing the Leadership Benchmark™ managers will be able to: 1. Gain feedback on how well they have established the four leadership conditions with the people they must lead and influence. 2. Develop a personal leadership plan to address each of the four leadership conditions, i.e. how they will establish: A shared understanding of the environment in which the organisation is operating A shared sense of direction A shared set of values and a feeling of team A shared feeling of power 3. When completed a second time, track progress in each of the four areas. This tool can be used to help; (1) improve leadership effectiveness (2) effect change in the organisation and/or (3) initiate a specific training or development program.

360 Deg. Management Competency Assessment -- Ma Foi Management Skills Inventory:

360 Deg. Management Competency Assessment -- Ma Foi Management Skills Inventory This tool help in Assessing skills of frontline and mid level managers Tool Assesses the following skills : Communicating Making Decisions Resolving Conflict Managing Change Developing Staff Serving Customers Measuring Results Negotiating Planning Handling Pressure Delegating Motivating Staff Maintaining Systems and Procedures Interviewing Influencing Others Solving Problems

360 Deg. Management Competency Assessment -- Ma Foi Management Competency Assessment :

360 Deg. Management Competency Assessment -- Ma Foi Management Competency Assessment Feedback on 5 different areas; Setting Goals and Performance Standards Coaching Assessing Performance and Providing Feedback Providing Recognition and Rewards Managing for Continuity of Performance Each of the 5 areas tests on 10 different behaviors, totally 50 behaviors managers get feedback on. Assessing Managerial effectiveness targeting mid level managers


Advantage innovative testing service provides you with several advantages: Competency Based Selection Placement in the right role Identification of star performers early in their career Promotion / Potential analysis Special Training Competency Gap Analysis Diagnosis of Developmental needs (Development Centers) Cost effective solutions compared to other vendors

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