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POST-NATAL GROWTH OF MANDIBLE Of facial bones, the mandile undergoes the largest amount of growth post- natally and also


Ramus The Ramus moves progressively posterior by a combination of deposition and resorption . Resorption – anterior part of the ramus . Deposition – posterior region. This results in a drift of a ramus in a posterior direction.

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The functions of remodelling of the ramus are:- To accommodate the increases mass of masticatory muscles inserted into it. To accomadate the enlarged breadth of pharyngeal space . To facilitate the lengthening of the mandibular body ,which in turn accommodates the erupting molars.


ANGLE OF THE MANDIBLE On the lingual side of the angle o mandible , resorption takes place on posterio -inferior aspect while depostion on the antero -superior aspect. On the buccal side , resorption occurs on antero -superior part while doposition takes place on postero -superior part . This result in flaring of the angle of the mandible as age advances.


THE LINGUAL TUBEROSITY It is a direct equivalent of the maxillary tuberosity ,which forms a major site of growth for the lower bony arch. It forms the boundary between the ramus and the body. It moves posteriorly by deposition on its posteriorly facing surface. It can be noticed that the lingual tuberosity protudes in a lingual direction and that lies well towards the midline of the ramus .

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The prominence of the tuberosity is increased by the presence of a large resportion field just below it. The resportion field produce a sizable depression ,lingual fossa . The combination of resorption in the fossa and deposition on the medial surface of the tuberosity itself accentuates the prominence of the lingual tuberosity .


THE ALVEOLAR PROCESS It develops in response to the presence of tooth buds. As the teeth erupt the alveolar process develops and increases in height by bone deposition at the margins. Alveolar bone adds to the height and thickness of the mandible and is particularly manifestion . If tooth absence, alveolar bone fail to develop.


CHIN It is a specific human characteristic. In infancy, chin is usually underdeveloped . As the age advances the growth of chin becomes significant. It is influenced by sexual and genetic factor. Males have prominent chin compared to females. The mental protuberance forms by bone deposition during childhood .Its prominence is accentuated by bone resportion that occurs in alveolar region above it


CONDYLE The head of the condyle is covered by a thin layer of cartilage called condylar cartilage . The presence of condylar cartilage is an adaptation to withstand the compression that occurs at the joint.

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There are two schools of thought regarding the role of the condyle :- Growth occurs at the surface of the condylar cartilage by means of bone deposition .

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