My yellow rose of Soufriere

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soufriere is for lovers


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My yellow rose of Soufriere:

My yellow rose of Soufriere I Close my eyes an imagine this. There you are sitting on the beach in the shadow of the magical Pitons , surrounded by lush vegetations and as far as you can see in every direction is the beauty of God's great creation. Wearing a sexy hot pants and a low cut shirt you look ravishing. you are sitting at the foot of the most beautiful mountains. Today the sky is the perfect shade of blue, the warm sunshine on your skin. The laughter of your children playing in the sand fills the air. I now know true beauty. In this moment my heart travels to be with you. I am captivated. My heart is renewed. My soul left aching for your warm embrace for the first time in my adult I feel true love I now sit on Brenda’s front balcony watching the moon go over the big bold mountain; and there you are standing with all your beauty. And as the moon slips down behind the mountain, it’s fading light reveals to me the beauty of your breast.. The big fisherman …..

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