Inherited Traits vs[1]. Environmental Traits Notes

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Inherited Traits vs. Acquired Traits from the Environment Genetics 7th Grade Science Mrs. Lilly:

Inherited Traits vs. Acquired Traits from the Environment Genetics 7 th Grade Science Mrs. Lilly

Inherited Traits are…….:

Inherited Traits are ……. Genetically determined characteristics or qualities that distinguish one organism from another organism. Are passed on from generation to generation. Passed from parents to offspring.

Inherited Traits are…….:

Inherited Traits are ……. Some are dominant, some are recessive, or neither. Examples: skin color, color-blindness, baldness, ability to taste things (PTC), ability of food digestion, ability to pump blood, walk, talk, feel, see, regulation of our body temperature, taste, and hear

Environmental/Aquired Traits are……:

Environmental/Aquired Traits are …… Any characteristic or behavior that cannot be attributed to a genetic value. Examples: Temperature-I enjoy hot weather because I have lived in Florida, diet-skinny vs. fat, medical care- lack of would determine traits, or living conditions (asthma due to smokers).

Inherited Acquired:

Inherited Acquired Dogs Bark Height Us speaking Texture of skin Ability to understand finger movement and abilities. Quarter horse has long fur Tree genetic size Bark on Command Diet and disease can affect height Speaking French Scars Touch typing Keeping quarter horse in controlled environment and fur will not be as long Bonsai trees are trimmed to stay small

Acquired Traits:

Acquired Traits The point is that many of our acquired characteristics are modifications of inherited traits

Your assignment:

Your assignment Create a book with; A title page with your Name , Page one, define inherited traits with two examples, Page two, define aquired/environmental traits with two examples And the last page on a T-chart list at least two examples of each trait for yourself.

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