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CRT MONITOR cathode-ray tube :

CRT MONITOR c athode- r ay t ube

Disadvantages of CRT:

Disadvantages of CRT They have a big back and take up space on desk. The electromagnetic fields emitted by CRT monitors constitute a health hazard to the functioning of living cells. CRTs emit a small amount of X-ray band radiation which can result in a health hazard. Constant refreshing of CRT monitors can result in headache. CRTs operate at very high voltage which can overheat system or result in an implosion Within a CRT a strong vacuum exists in it and can also result in a implosion They are heavy to pick up and carry around

Advantages of CRT:

Advantages of CRT The cathode rayed tube can easily increase the monitor’s brightness by reflecting the light. They produce more colours The Cathode Ray Tube monitors have lower price rate than the LCD display or Plasma display. The quality of the image displayed on a Cathode Ray Tube is superior to the LCD and Plasma monitors. The contrast features of the cathode ray tube monitor are considered highly excellent.

How CRTs work & display?:

How CRTs work & display? A CRT monitor contains millions of tiny red, green, and blue phosphor dots that glow when struck by an electron beam that travels across the screen to create a visible image. In a CRT monitor tube, the cathode is a heated filament. The heated filament is in a vacuum created inside a glass tube. The electrons are negative and the screen gives a positive charge so the screen glows.

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