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Training Employees of a Retail Organization : 

Training Employees of a Retail Organization Lora Atanasova Christopher Backhaus Nikesh Dadlani Maria Didorenko Kremena Minkova Mihir Patel

Corporate Culture : 

Corporate Culture Company’s mission statement, values, traditions and beliefs Code of Ethics- proper behavior Limits opportunities for misconduct Company’s policies

Motivating Sales People : 

Motivating Sales People Promotion for organization’s own sales people Sales –oriented and market-share objective Bonuses, employee of the month

A Salesperson Should Know The… : 

A Salesperson Should Know The… Products Placement Deliveries Cycles Store Staff

C.A.R.E. : 

C.A.R.E. Contact Do’s: Proper introduction Welcome customer to store Shake hands if felt appropriate Exchange names Be enthusiastic! Don’ts: Don’t ask yes/no questions! Ex. Do you need any help with anything?

C.A.R.E. : 

C.A.R.E. Ask Questions Do’s: Be selective in questions asked Manipulate customer to focus on one or two products Process of elimination Use responses to questions later in recommending the right product Don’ts: Don’t ask questions that are irrelevant Don’t ignore responses and show lack of interest

C.A.R.E. : 

C.A.R.E. Recommend Recommend a product to help customer Employee knows merchandise, not customer “Based on what you told me…” Don’t Be pushy or sell unnecessary products

C.A.R.E. : 

C.A.R.E. Encourage the Sale Read Customers approval, encourage closing sale Promotional Offers Accessories Warranties Always try to satisfy customer

Effective Listening to Customers : 

Effective Listening to Customers Listening is the most important skill a salesperson can possess By listening to customers: -sales are increased -satisfaction is enhanced -relationships are improved -objective information is received

Causes of Poor Listening : 

Causes of Poor Listening Physical barriers -noisy environment -visual distractions Personal barriers -problems Gender barriers Semantic barriers -meaning of words

Listen to Feedback : 

Listen to Feedback Ask questions Paraphrase Modify behavior accordingly Improve accuracy Increase productivity Do not: -interrupt, criticize or daydream -tolerate distractions -pretend to be listening -listen only for facts

Nonverbal Communication : 

Nonverbal Communication All intentional and unintentional messages that are neither written, spoken, nor sounded. Eye contact Body movement Clothing and personal appearance

Also can be used for : 

Also can be used for Signs of power Expansive movements Posture Personal and Business distances

Nonverbal Communications in C.A.R.E : 

Nonverbal Communications in C.A.R.E In C, good first impression (contact) In A, eye contact for a better conversation (ask question) In R and E, body movements to transmit excitement (recommend and encourage)

Hidden Customers : 

Hidden Customers Use referrals and recommendations Build a trusting cycle by sharing knowledge with them Listen and Keep your opinion to yourself Establish a friendly comfortable atmosphere

Open Customers : 

Open Customers Don’t be pushy or manipulative Listen to their needs and wants Treat them as equals and with respect Use facts more than visuals Don’t talk down to them

Closed Customers : 

Closed Customers Don’t pressure them Listen to their needs Try to increase their self confidence (compliments) Don’t expect them to be open Treat them gentle and with respect Don’t overwhelm them

Blind Customers : 

Blind Customers Give them a well-supported presentation Let them feel like they are in control Don’t keep them waiting Be prepared for suggestions on how to improve your strategy

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Effective way to train employees Inform about the company The communication process Effective listening Effective non-verbal communication Dealing and reading different customers

Conclusion : 

Conclusion CARE Contact the customer Ask questions Recommend a product Encourage the sale

Thank You : 

Thank You

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