Realism and Sun Yat-Sen

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Realism and Sun Yat-Sen:

A presentation by Shawna Richardson and Miriam Lapis Realism and Sun Yat-Sen

Realism - Writing:

An artistic movement in the mid-1800s that tried to represent the world as it was, without any association with Romanticisim M ain focus was the harsh lifestyles in cities or villages I. Writing Realistic writers were social critics too because they are indirectly criticizing the government and society a) Charles Dickens, English novelist Portrayed the lives of slum dwellers and factory workers, but mainly children Example: Oliver Twist Realism - Writing

Realism – Writing (Cont’d):

b) Victor Hugo, first French writer Example: Les Misérables c ) Émile Zola, second French novelist Example: Germinal Realism – Writing (Cont’d)

Realism - Drama:

II. Drama a) Henrik Ibsen, Norweigan dramatist H is plays attacked the hypocrisy he observed all around him W ide influence on Europe and the US Example: "A Doll's House" and "An Enemy of the People" Realism - Drama

Realism - Art:

III. Art P ainter typical objects were ordinary subjects, main ones however were working class men and women a) Gustave Courbet , French Realist Example: "The Stone Breakers b) Thomas Eakins, American painter Example: "The Gross Clinic" Realism - Art

Sun Yat-Sen:

I. "Three People's Principles" or "three principles of revolution" a ) Freeing China from foreign domination b) Unite Chinese people to be equal among all the powerful nations of the world c) Self-determination for Chinese minorities II. Democracy a) established a republic and a constitution b) Sun Yat-Sen required a prep period of political tutelage because he thought they were not ready for a full democracy III. Livelihood a)economic security for all Chinese b)created a plan to distribute land equally and to fairly ensure taxation c)Sun's solution for maintaining economic development and political stability is advocating nationalization of key industries Sun Yat-Sen

Video Review - Realism:

Video Review - Realism

Video Review - Realism:

Video Review - Realism

Video Review – Sun Yet-San:

Video Review – Sun Yet-San

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