Module 3 Chapter 3

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Module 3 Chapter 3:

Module 3 Chapter 3 September 21 st through September 27th

What to do::

What to do: Read Chapter 3 in our CUSTOMS text Post in the Chapter 3 discussion three times before September 27th Complete two assignments in Chapter 3 and submit with the two assignments from Chapter 4 in one document by October 4th

“Networking: Connecting computing devices” Chapter Highlights:

“ Networking: Connecting computing devices” Chapter Highlights Network Fundamentals What it is, benefits, and disadvantages Components Transmission media, adapters, navigation, and software Ethernet Networks Home networks, throughput speeds, cabling, and wireless

Chapter Highlights:

Chapter Highlights Equipment Routers, switches, network nodes, and network ready devices Securing Wireless Networks Vulnerable networks Software Configuration Windows, wireless nodes, and troubleshooting


Discussion Dormitory Networking #1 on p. 133 Review the scenario given Post to answer a, b, and c organizing it in that way also Reply to others posts and compare your suggestions to theirs!


Assignment Select any two assignments from pages 133-135 Respond in at least 150 words for each assignment Specify which assignments your completing


Overview Read Chapter 3, post three times in the discussion board, and complete both assignments Do not forget to have your first post before or on Sunday, September 25 th Submit the two assignments in one document with the two assignments from Chapter 4 by October 4th

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