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An Organization Study at ING Vysya Bank:


Company Profile:

Company Profile The Vysya Bank Limited was established in the year 1930 in Bangalore On October 2002 the Vysya Bank Limited was merged with ING and renamed as ING Vysya Bank Limited The ING Vysya Bank is a Premier player in the Indian Private Banking sector The ING Vysya Bank operates 530 branches in all over the country With more than 28000 employees

Strategic Intent:

Strategic Intent VISION We are committed to providing quality and door step banking service to our customer, service quality being our paramount importance MISSION ING Vysya Bank’s mission is to be a leading, global, client-focused, innovative and low-cost provider of financial services through the distribution channels of the client’s preference in markets where ING can create value.


Competitors Axis Bank ICICI Bank Kotak Mahindra Bank HDFC Bank

Organization Structure:

Organization Structure Board Corporate secretary Chief-corporate Audit Group MD & CEO Chief of staff Vigilance Risk Chief-Human Resource Country Head wholesale banking Country Head Retail Banking Chief-Operation officer Country Head-Private Banking& Bank Assurance Head market Risk management Head market Risk management Chief Credit Officer Living Brand Country Head Treasury Head Corporate Finance & Investment Banking Head-EC Products & Services Regional CEO-N&E Regional CEO- SeAP Regional CEO-AP Regional CEO-W Electronic channels, CRM, Strategic Projects Distribution& Marketing Consumer Products & Sales SME Products & Relationships ASB SBU Chief Administrative officer Chief Operation & IT Chief Finance Officer IVFSL Private Banking

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT Analysis STREGNTHS This Bank as one of the biggest MNC, 7 th Rank in the list of fortune 500 Only Bank in India which was acquired by foreign bank Has acquired ING Vysya Financial services Limited WEAKNESSES Bank has Limited branches, which are not sufficient to fulfill customer needs Less variety of banking products to lower end customers Very limited branches in north India OPPORTUNITIES Growth in banking sector is one of the added advantage to increase their business People are more service oriented, where bank can capture the advantage Venture into the untapped markets by setting up new branches in various cities THREATS Some of the banks provide similar benefits without charging any fees Impacts of Negative global disasters on the Indian economy Increase in their Non Performing Assets Fluctuation in monetary policy


Findings ING Vysya Bank is in growth phase as it is planning to open 200 branches all over the India in October 2011 The ING Vysya maintains good customer relationship There are very few rural branches, which bank can capture the rural market The bank has a various products and services which satisfy customer’s needs and wants Bank only provides Personal loans and Education loan only to the preferred customers The bank mostly concentrates on high end customers who are required to maintain a minimum account balance of Rs 5,00,000


Suggestions Increase number of branches in north India Bank can post a list of services that they can render to the customers inside the bank premises The Bank has to improve its brand image i.e. create a position in the mind set of the customer through Advertisements, print ads and conducting awareness programs The Bank has to launch new products and services to the low end customers Increase the number of ATM for convince of the Customers Account opening process has to be simplified The bank has to launch new variety of banking products and services


Conclusion Indian banking sector contributes 8.6% for the Indian economy in 2010 The phenomenal growth of the banking industry is the positive sign for the growth and development of the country as the more number of investors are interested to operate through the banks. In this current economic scenario the ING Vysya Bank is performing outstanding manner. Its consistent profit from the last 3years and it is performing well in the sector

My Learning :

My Learning I got to know in detail about Banking products and services I learnt about ING Vysya Bank preferred banking services and its competitors banking services Practical exposure to the corporate world Its also helped me enhance my convincing skill so as to, better my selling ability Time management skills and working in a team

Special Task:

Special Task COMPARISION OF PREFERRED SAVING BANK ACCOUNTS WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO ING VYSYA BANK Objectives To thoroughly study the banking products and services of ING Vysya Bank. To compare the banking products and services offered by ING Vysya Bank and other private banks. To study the customer expectations, behavior, responses and preferences for various saving bank account of ING Vysya Bank. To study the marketing strategies adopted by ING Vysya Bank to maintain and increase its market share and to retain its customer To identify the factors that influence customers to open a saving bank account

Research Methodology:

Research Methodology DESCRIPTIVE TYPE TOOLS OF DATA COLLECTION Personal Interview Questionnaire SAMPLE SIZE Covenant Sampling method Sample size 50 SOURCES OF DATA Primary Data Secondary Data STASTICAL TOOLS Graphs and Charts


Findings The ING Vysya Bank has few types of savings bank accounts which do not cater the needs of its varied customers Most of the ING Vysya Bank’s customers use Internet and mobile Banking services The services provided by ING Vysya Bank are less which is the reason for its less market share The ING Vysya Bank comes second to Axis Bank in its marketing strategy The attitude of the ING Vysya Bank staff is best as per the respondents The service timings of the bank is not satisfied by its customers The number of branches in the city is less as compared to other banks

Suggestion’s :

Suggestion’s The ING Vysya Bank has to increase kinds of savings bank account to cater the needs of its varied customers The Bank has to increase its services in order to increase the market share The Bank has to increase its service timings to satisfy its customers The Bank has to take measures in increasing its branches in the city The Bank has to reduce the duration for the activation of accounts into order to increase its transaction speed The Bank may improve its service quality to attract more customers The Bank may conduct some research to find customer needs regarding Banking services


Conclusion The study conducted directs toward the private banking scenario in the Bangalore city. The study suggested that a large market share has been captured by Axis bank and ING Vysya Bank, out of two Axis Bank is enjoying the maximum market share.

My Learning's:

My Learning's I came to know about peoples perception towards preferred banking services Preparation and presentation of the research report I got to meet a lot of people and have learnt a lot during this period

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