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By : Mariana Neri Meurys Díaz Melangelis Herrera English Course : D201 Level 2 Teacher : Doris Molero Maracaibo, November 29th, 2011 Italian Food


Index About Mariana Neri Food Schedule Italian Holydays My Reflexion About Meurys Diaz Daily Routine Carlo Bernadini’s Kitchen My Reflexion About Melangelis Herrera Carlo Bernadini’s Clothing Restaurant Staff


In this project we’re going to know more about “Italian food” related to our classes of English 2, clothing, schedule, likes and dislikes, food, and also we’re going to talk about us Introduction

About Me!:

Law About Me! Mariana High Heels Weekend Sleep Late Celebration Music My dream My Routine Jeans

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Food Schedule 7:00 to 9:00 12:00 to 14:00 19:00 to 20:30 Milk & Cookies Coffee Panettone L’Antipasto ( Entrée ) il Primo ( First Course ) il Secondo ( Main Course ) il Dolce (Dessert) Minestra Soppressa

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Italian Holidays Pumpkin Festival Food’s Show October 10 th Show of Pumpkin Dolls

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My Reflexion I English In this course I learned about Italian food My day to day I made a blog I like clothes I like English and teachers Describe my aparment

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ABOUT ME MEURYS Maracaibo 19 Years Old My dreams I like <3 I hate Graduating Having a family Travel Noel y Camila My family dance

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Daily Routine Hour From Monday To Friday 6:00 Get up, take a shower and have breakfast with my family 8:00 Work in my restaurant 12:00 Have lunch 16:00 Cooking show 19:00 Have dinner with my staff 22:00 Close my restaurant, go home 23:00 Spend time with my family and I go to bed . Carlo Bernadini

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Carlo Bernadini’s Kitchen Stove Refrigerator Shelf Oven Pans Condiments Cookbooks cups

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My Reflexion In this course I learned about Italian food My routine I made an avatar Describe my jobs Techniques thet help Describe my house

About Me!:

About Me! Melangelis

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Carlo Bernadini’s Clothing Jacket 40€ Hat 15 € Apron 20 € Pants 5 0€ Chef’s Boutique

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Restaurant Staff Manager of the kitchen Assistant Director Pastry Cook Pastry Cook Prepare Drink

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My Reflexion In this course I learned about Italian food My routine I made an avatar Activities in the blog Final project Describe my house

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