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The World Peace Project Sponsored by the Natural Health Research Trust:

The World Peace Project Sponsored by the Natural Health Research Trust There are 7 main points I would like to share with You. These are summarised as follows: This world peace project is evidence based. The method we are adopting to achieve world peace is amply validated by scientific research. The project itself is simple enough, we are hiring experts to come together in one place to meditate on behalf of all of us. The project benefits everyone in the whole world. No one is excluded. The beauty of this technology is that no one feels defeated. Main points continued: Everyone can help, although only a very small fraction of the population needs to in order to make this project a success. 5. We are starting small and growing. The operation of the project is relatively easy, as it involves largely self-managed teams of meditators already trained and experienced in peace group work. Time is of the essence. We need to act now as world economic events, terrorism and environmental problems seem to be getting out of hand. So the first and all important point is that this world peace project is evidence based. Innumerable highly successful TM based peace projects and even a few large scale world peace projects have taken place in many different countries over the last thirty-five years. From these projects at least 40 research studies have been conducted and these collectively prove beyond any doubt the power of this new technology to create world peace. It is a key factor in the success of this project that it is based on: Science not superstition Knowledge and understanding not belief Facts not opinion We are not basing the success of this project on some ideology that people have to believe in for it to work. The truth is that it will work whether people believe it or not. Or for that matter whether they even know about it or not. The second main point to get across is that the project is about paying experts in TM to come together and meditate on everyone’s behalf. Unfortunately with one or two exceptions earlier peace projects have been only temporary. TM peace projects or coherence groups as they are called inevitably disband when the TM Sidhas (TM meditators who are trained in the more advanced form of TM known as the TM-Sidhi programme) leave to go back home or take up their career responsibilities. To some people, paying meditators to meditate seems strange and even in some way sacrilegious. But why not pay them? We pay soldiers to fight our wars and there is little more sacred than laying down your own life for a just cause or for your friends. Whatever your opinion about this aspect, the fact is that without a formal structure of payment, TM peace projects or coherence groups, as they are called, inevitably disband prematurely. This is obviously an impractical way of carrying on. Far from being paid to perform their meditation in a peace group for most peace projects the TM- Sidhas have had to pay to join in. It would be comforting to think that our governments would fund this type of project. But on past performance we have to accept that this will not happen. We cannot rely on governments to create world peace. Despite the research evidence, no government or international authority has taken up the repeated calls to help establish or fund a world peace group. Important exceptions to this poor track record have been Cambodia in South East Asia and more recently some South American governments including Ecuador . Obviously we cannot wait for governments to take action. Otherwise we will probably have to wait forever. No, it is private individuals and perhaps charitable organisations who have to take the responsibility for world peace. So it is left to us, that is you and me to fund any permanent initiative and establish meditation as a proven tool to reduce crime and other negative traits in both national and international society. And this brings me to point 3, that this world peace project benefits everyone. Although this may seem ambitious if not unreal, this private initiative is feasible because of the square root of 1% effect. Effectively this means we only require a tiny fraction of the world's population to initiate the phase transition into a permanent state of world peace. In fact we only need about a million people out of the whole world population to be alert and responsible enough to support this world peace project financially. And we only need about 9,000 or so TM-Sidhas to be actually in the world peace group to create a global effect that will impact literally everyone in the whole world. As this technology operates from the unified field of consciousness a group of 9,000 TM- sidhas will nourish and uplift everyone at the most subtle level of their being. As a direct and immediate consequence every family, community, village, town and country, every organisation, company, charity and government will benefit. No one is excluded. No one need feel the bitterness of defeat. Everyone wins. There can be no better way to help any cause or charity than to nourish the collective consciousness of the whole world. And there is no faster or surer way to do this than to bring into being a group of 9,000 TM-Sidhas to meditate on behalf of everyone in humanity. Point 4 is that everyone can afford to help. Even so, only a small fraction of the world’s population needs to support this idea in order to get this project funded and off the ground for the benefit of everyone else. We don’t need people to make huge sacrifices either financially or in any other way. A small monthly subscription donated from just a few thousand people will be sufficient to launch this ground-breaking and transformational project. Point number 5 is that the nature of the project allows us to start small and then grow as funds and support increase. Essentially the project will be run in two phases. Phase 1 provides another demonstration of efficacy The NHRT is setting up a small TM-based peace project as a basis for both research and then to expand to become a fully-fledged world peace project as funds permit. The target location for phase 1 is not fixed yet, as the size of the initial coherence group and therefore the exact location will depend on 3 factors: The funds available to hire TM- sidhas The proximity or availability of TM-Sidhas in any particular location. The availability of accurate and impartial data on social trends for that area. As an example, to set up a coherence group for a sub-region such as South East Dorset in England, the NHRT would need to hire approximately 80 TM- Sidhas to come and meditate together in one group. 80 TM-Sidhas are the number required to achieve the super radiance effect for this sub- regional population of 530,000 inhabitants. As soon as we have sufficient funds to start a coherence group, the NHRT will recruit the necessary TM-Sidhas and then pay them for the several hours a day that they put in meditating together. The NHRT will pay a reasonable salary as it helps participants to integrate their daily meditation programme into a normal working routine. This is important, as being able to maintain an easy routine will help sustain their group meditation activity over the long term. And permanency is a key objective with this project. Phase 2 and beyond - The drive for world peace. The fund raising for ongoing monthly subscriptions from well wishers will continue as Phase 1 develops. This ongoing fund raising initiative will feed off the results achieved from the super radiance effect emitted from the phase 1 coherence group. As more donations arrive so we will fund a larger and larger group . As the group grows it will capture the super radiance effect for wider and wider areas. In this way donors can see themselves as making a direct and strengthening contribution to a real, live and increasingly successful campaign to create a more peaceful and orderly society. Ultimately as the coherence group grows so each donor will be making a direct contribution to the creation of a state of World Peace. At each stage in the development of the group the NHRT will be collecting social data and monitoring the results. Just out of interest, The numbers of Sidhas required to impact different sizes of population are as follows: Coherence factor table Area covered Population size Sq root factor approx number of TM-Sidhas South East Dorset 530,000 72 Dorset County 692,712 83 Hampshire and Dorset 2,336,961 152 Wessex region 4,631,279 215 England 51,000,000 714 United Kingdom 61,800,000 786 European Union 501,064,000 2,238 Global population 7,000,000,000 8,366 The disproportionate impact of the square root effect is truly staggering. As the coherence group grows so the impact of every £ or $ of donation will grow. For example, one TM-Sidha in say the trial study coherence group of say 80 TM-Sidhas will have a positive impact on an equivalent of about 6,625 local inhabitants. But when that same TM- Sidha sits in a world peace group he or she will have a positive impact on a massive 770,000 people. The sixth point I would like to make is that perhaps the biggest challenge for this world peace project is raising the funds. The actual project itself will be relatively easy to run. Meditation groups are more or less self-managing and there are already sufficient numbers of TM-Sidhas trained up with long experience of working at this deep level of meditation. Everything has already been made ready for us. What is required to collect the right number of TM-Sidhas together is the prospect that their meditation activity is to be treated as a profession. A profession that is valued for the positive impact that it has on every aspect of life in society – domestic, social, economic and political. By meditating together these TM-Sidhas will reduce the noise and stress in the collective consciousness and so improve the thinking capacity and behaviour of everyone at every level of society. The seventh and final point is that there is an urgent need for the establishment of a world peace group. Today the world is confronted with what seems to be a growing range of intractable problems from global terrorism, financial meltdown, economic depression, nuclear power threats, a renewal of super power rivalry, third world poverty, famine and pestilence and so it goes on. But I don’t wish to labour this point. At the same time that we are confronted with all these problems nowhere is there a coherent response that gives us any confidence that our politicians, civil servants and other responsible institutions have a clear idea what to do to solve things. You could be forgiven for thinking that things are getting out of control. The world looks to be a very dangerous and volatile place at the moment, which is why this coherence creating project is so vital and urgently needed. So, if you can help, please do so now. All we ask is for you to give a small monthly subscription and pass the news on to whoever you think may have the awareness to see how they too can help. Every cent or penny you give will benefit you directly. We all live in the world and its troubles are our troubles. Ignoring this plea will only perpetuate the problems we are already experiencing. Help now and you help create the most powerful force for peace ever envisaged. Thank you for listening.

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