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Roger Williams (1603-1682):



biography Roger Williams was born in London , England. the son of a tailor , he went to the Cambridge university, and graduated in 1627. his rising views of puritans alienated him from the church of England and forced him to leave. Roger Williams went to Boston in 1631 and built his own colony there and became governor of it.


Education During his teens, he came to the attention of sir Edward coke, a brilliant lawyer, and a chief of justice at London he enrolled him in Suttons hospital school he the entered Cambridge university in which he graduated from in 1627


childhood Roger spent his childhood in st. sepulchres church and it’s the church you can see on the background of the slide. While a young man he was aware of the numerous burnings at the state that had taken by at a nearby Smithfield this strengthened his beliefs in civic and religious liberty.

Work and migrating to the Americas:

Work and migrating to the Americas After roger William graduated from his university, he worked as a chaplain with a wealthy family , and after the pilgrims dropped in England he didn’t like it and he decided to migrate to the new world with his wife Mary, to Boston mansuchettes.

The Americas:

The Americas On October 7, 1635, Roger Williams was banished from the Massachutess bay colony for his beliefs in the freedom of religion and the need for separation of Church and State. He was supposed to return to England but instead fled to the wilderness where he lived amongst the Narragansett Indians.

Starting a colony :

Starting a colony Roger fled south west out of the Massachutess bay colony, was befriended by local Indians and eventually settled at the headwaters of what is now Narragansett bay, after he learned that his first settlement is on the east bank of Seekonk River was within the boundaries of the Plymouth Colony. Roger purchased land from the Narragansett Chiefs, Canonicus and Miantonomi and named his settlement Providence in thanks to God. The original deed remains in the Archives of the City of Providence.


Trader On his return, Roger Williams started a trading post at Cocumscussoc (now North Kingstown) where he traded with the Indians and was known for his peacemaking between the neighbouring colonists and the Indians. But again colony affairs interfered, and in 1651 he sold his trading post and returned to England with John Clarke (a Newport preacher) in order to have the Charter confirmed. Because of family responsibilities, he returned sometime before 1654. John Clarke finally obtained the Royal Charter from Charles II on 8 July 1663, thereby averting further trouble with William Cardington and some colonists at Newport, who had previously obtained a charter for a separate colony.

Governor :

Governor Roger Williams was Governor of the Colony 1654 through 1658. During the later years of his life, he saw almost all of Providence burned during King Philip's War, 1675-1676.

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