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Context Clues:

Context Clues


WHAT ARE CONTEXT CLUES? Text book writers usually know when they must use a word that will be new to their student readers. So they often include other words or phrases to help with the understanding of the new word. These words or phrases are referred to as context clues. They are built into the sentences around the difficult word.


FOUR TYPES OF CONTEXT CLUES. 1. examples 2. synonyms and definitions 3. antonyms and contrasts 4. experience or sense of the sentence


Using examples or illustrations, an author tries to show what a word means. A writer may give just one example or several. Remember that these examples are not synonyms. Look for words or phrases like "such as," "including," or "consists of." Colons (:) and dashes (-) can also signal examples. WHAT ARE EXAMPLE CLUES?


The river was full of noxious materials such as cleaning agents from factories and pesticides from the nearby farms. This third grade was full of precocious children. One child had learned to read at two and another could do algebra at age 6. When going to an office party you should show your best decorum , for example, dress your best, drink and eat moderately, and be sure to thank the host before you leave. HERE ARE SOME EXAMPLES CLUES

1. cubbyhole:

I have always lived in cubbyholes . After moving away from home, my first apartment was just a cubbyhole in a large building. It was no more that 8' by 12' and had a bed in one corner. My second was no more that a large walk-in closet. My current one is about 10 feet long by 12 feet wide, but it at least has two rooms. 1. cubbyhole

2. scuzzy:

2. scuzzy The floors of the restaurant were extremely scuzzy . They were covered with spilled grease, crumbs of food, and cigarette butts.

3. remunerated:

3. remunerated The contractor was always well remunerated for his work. For example, he received $10,000 for a small addition to a house and last year he was received $5,000 for reconstructing a stairway

4. breeches:

4. breeches The department store carries a variety of breeches , for example they carried Levis, Wranglers, and even some plain unlabeled brands made of cotton.

5. bauble:

5. bauble Josie received a bauble for Christmas from her great aunt. This she put with her others, a pair of imitation earrings, a fake emerald pendant, and a ring that looked like a ruby.

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