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Social Security Disability : 

Social Security Disability Eric L. Bolves, Esq. Bolves & Associates, P.A.

Cast of Characters : 

Cast of Characters

Social Security Administration : 

Social Security Administration

The Doctors : 

The Doctors

The Medical Staff : 

The Medical Staff

The Claimant : 

The Claimant

The Lawyer : 

The Lawyer

What is Social Security Disability? : 

What is Social Security Disability? Definition of disability. A Disability is any condition, or combination of conditions, which is serious enough to keep someone out of work for at least 12 months or is expected to result in death. People who are legally blind also qualify. Children: “marked and severe functional limitations” that very seriously limit activities at least 12 months. SSDI Social Security Disability Insurance SSI Supplemental Security Income

SSDISocial Security Disability Insurance : 

SSDISocial Security Disability Insurance Early retirement Enough work credits 5 / 10 years Approximately 45% of pay Payments start after 6 months Dependent children’s benefits Medicare 24 months after “onset” No limitation on assets

SSISupplemental Security Income : 

SSISupplemental Security Income Welfare program Not enough work credits Based on household income Monthly payments from application $674 single individual $1011 couple Medicaid immediately

The Application : 

The Application When do I apply? A Disability is any condition, or combination of conditions, which is serious enough to keep someone out of work for at least 12 months or is expected to result in death. When you can’t work for at least 12 months.

The Test : 

The Test Diagnosis Of a medically recognized impairment Symptoms Severe enough to prevent…… Ability to do "substantial gainful activity“ Earn at least $1000 per month. $1640 if blind.

The Process(The Gauntlet) : 

The Process(The Gauntlet) Gaunt-let 1. Two lines of men facing each other armed with sticks and other weapons with which they beat a person forced to run between them. 2. A severe trial; an ordeal.

The Process : 

The Process Initial Application Reconsideration Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Appeals Council Federal Court

Initial Application : 

Initial Application Phone call The Interview Medical Records Adjudicator / Doctors Independent Ha Ha Medical Exam 4-6 months

Denied! : 

Denied! Why are so many denied? Missed appointments Filling out forms Hablas SSA? Language problems Inability to deal with the technicalities “Oh Well, I guess I don’t qualify.” 60 days to appeal

Request for Reconsideration : 

Request for Reconsideration 60 days to appeal Different Adjudicator / Doctors 4-6 months

Dealing with Social Security : 

Dealing with Social Security Medical records Social Security forms The Bureaucracy over work lost files bad attitudes (handle with care) SSA: Protecting your client from you! Getting paid.

Dealing with the Medical Profession : 

Dealing with the Medical Profession Medical Records Diagnosis & symptoms Quality Time with the Doctor SSA forms RFCs

Administrative Law Judge : 

Administrative Law Judge 15-18 months…or longer! A real person to talk to All about the symptoms Inventory Why can’t do previous work Why can’t do any work Vocational Expert

Occupations : 

Occupations Tooth clerk, Glove cleaner, Puff Ironer (laundry), Chick sexer, Worm picker or packer, Irish-moss gatherer, Sponge clipper, Bone picker, Egg breaker, Peeled potato inspector, Skull grinder (meat products), Neck skewer (meat products), Egg candler, Green meat grader, Kiss setter (sugar & confection), Leaf sorter (tobacco), Stiffener (hat & cap), Dowel inspector ,Bobbin loose-end finder, Getterer (light fixtures), Blow-off worker (furniture), Crown pouncer (hat & cap), Garment boner, Lump inspector (tobacco), Snuff-box finisher (tobacco) Two men I know of

After the ALJ : 

After the ALJ If You Win Money and Medical Decision Award letter If You Lose: New Initial Application Appeals Council Review 3 to 6 months Federal Court 18 months

The Key to Success : 

The Key to Success Follow the Rules Forms Appointments Hearings Provide the Info All conditions, all medical records Don’t Quit Don’t Quit Don’t Quit……..Get help if you need to.

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