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Thanksgiving A holiday celebrated in the USA on the last Thursday of November

Why do we celebrate thanksgiving?:

Why do we celebrate thanksgiving? It’s a day to remember the union of the European settlers who arrived to America and the Native American Indians who lived there. We called them: THE INDIANS THE PILGRIMS

The Pilgrims:

The Pilgrims Travelled on a boat called “The Mayflower” It took 40 days. They arrived to Massachusetts USA in 1621.

The dinner and offer of peace:

The dinner and offer of peace *When the pilgrims arrived to America they were hungry because they didn’t have any food. *The Indians were nice and they had food. *The Indians wanted to live peacefully and offered a dinner of peace.

Took place in autumn of 1621:

Took place in autumn of 1621

The pilgrim’s and indian’s dinner:

The pilgrim’s and indian’s dinner Instead of turkey, the ate duck! The Indians also hunted deer for the dinner.

Me preparing a turkey:

Me preparing a turkey Estoy preparando el pavo ….

A Typical thanksgiving plate today:

A Typical thanksgiving plate today Turkey Mashed Potatoes Ham Bread Sweet Potatoes Stuffing

Thanksgiving today:

Thanksgiving today Now, we have the Thanksgiving dinner with our families every November. We “give thanks” for the things in our lives we are thankful for. On the Thursday and Friday of November there is NO school in the USA!

New york city thanksgiving parade!:

New york city thanksgiving parade! A very famous 6 mile (9 km) long parade through New York city Most Americans watch it on TV on Thanksgiving morning

Happy thanksgiving everyone!:

Happy thanksgiving everyone!

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