Fix Error 3200 When Updating iOS 5

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Fix Error 3200 When Updating iOS 5 :

Fix Error 3200 When Updating iOS 5 With iOS 5 release, many Apple users began to upgrade iOS system. User may come across some kind of errors when updating to iOS 5, such as error 3200, error 3002, error 3194, etc. In this article, we will list some solutions to fix error 3200 iOS 5, and other errors. iOS 5 has already released and the new system is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and it also provides wireless synchronization, iCloud (You can transfer music from iPad to iPod with iCloud in one click now) support and new Notification Center function. Users can upgrade to iOS 5 for free, but you need to update iTunes to the latest 10.5 version. After installing the iTunes 10.5, iOS device can be upgraded to version 5. iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, the first generation iPad, third and fourth generation iPod touch can also be upgraded to iOS 5. Fix Error 3200 and 3002 First, Make sure that your iTunes has been upgraded to version 10.5, then make sure your computer's Hosts file doesn't contains, and you need to delete the file. Second, be sure to download iOS to local, then use the "Restore" function to upgrade (be sure to backup data by right-click on the iOS device - Backup), do not use the "check for updates" feature. For Mac users, please hold the Option key and click on "Restore" to select the local iOS 5 firmware; For Windows users, please hold the Shift key and click on "restore" to select the local iOS 5 firmware;

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Repair Error 3194 If 3194 error occurs, you still need to make sure there are no Hosts file entry on then let iOS devices placed in DFU mode to restore. The way to enter DFU mode is: 1. Hold the Power and Home buttons for 10 seconds; 2. Release the Power button, but continue to hold down the Home button for 10 seconds; 3. When hearing the voice of the computer recognize the device, but the screen remains blank and you have successfully entered the DFU mode. Fix "internal error during the updating process" Problem and Error 3004 Internal error, iOS device software update server can not connect or temporary failure, error 3004, these problems are due to Apple's servers are too busy and overleaded, what you have to do is to wait a little longer to update. After fixing these problems, there will be no error informed to you any more. You can update your devices into the latest iOS 5 smoothly. Then enjoy the new functions of iOS 5! You may also be interested in: Transfer Apps to iPhone with iCloud Extend iPod touch Battery Life

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